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MWSnap – a Free Screen Capture Tool and Editor for Windows

Taking a screenshot in Windows systems is pretty easy. Just hit the associated button from the keyboard, and paste the screenshot in any document or in a paint to save it as an image. But, for many users, this system doesn’t offer features they are looking for. So, to make those users happy, tools like MWSnap are available, which I’m going to review in this guide.

MWSnap is a free screen capture tool and editor for Windows which can be used from the very first moment it has been installed. The software was working pretty good even on the Windows 8.1 powered systems, in spite of being an old software.


MWSnap Review

The very first experience of any software starts with its installation procedure. In case of MWSnap, the procedure is pretty simple, and just like any other simple software for Windows platform. I hope you’re already familiar with the process to install any Windows software.

Download MWSnap

Yes, just hit the installer package with two simultaneous clicks, select Run button from the first screen and then get going through the on-screen instructions, i.e., hitting the Next buttons until you reach the Finish one. During the process, make sure you select the option to add the software’s shortcut at the Desktop.

Now, the second best thing about this free screen capture software is that it comes in two versions. The first one is already described above, which needs to be installed. While, the second one comes in a portable format. Yes, it doesn’t need to be installed and it can be run on any system using its direct launching shortcut.


If you’ve used any newly updated Mac system, then you must be aware of the screen capture system, OS X offers. You either capture the whole screen or capture a part of it, which can be adjusted using a marker. Two different keyboard shortcuts are available to facilitate the users.

Now, that functionality isn’t available in Windows system, by default. But, if you’re using this MWSnap software, then you get the one for free. You’ll always have the option to either capture the whole screen or the second one, i.e., capturing an area, which can be selected by the marker.

Both of these options are available in the main software, if it’s running all the time, or you can hit the options from the drop-down menu, which can be triggered from the shortcut at the Taskbar. Yes, it’s available in Quick Launch area!

Also, there is an option to re-take the previous screen capture if you wish to duplicate the existing one or wish to take a better view. This option is clearly a much-needed feature and you’ll be pleased of its existence in the case of need.

Now, the remaining part is the editor, which is present to offer you a bunch of options to make the screen shots look even better. These options are probably the main reason why you should be using this MWSnap software, or any other of your choice.

A bunch of options which covers the basic needs like typing on any picture, changing its size or course, etc., are available inside. But, don’t expect it to have features like any other powerful picture editing tool has, or even Paint as, for the case.

Yes, MS Paint holds better editing tools than MWSnap, but it did misses other screen capture related ones, which particularly keeps it away from coming any near to the utility offered by MWSnap. There are a bunch of setting options available inside too, which can be altered to change the way you experience using the software.

Another cool feature included in the package is the file manager application. MWSnap holds its own File Manager, which can be triggered anytime to look for the files you’ve saved and wish to update another time. No doubt, the tool is simple enough to get addicted and learn everything after using it just for a single time.

My favourite feature of this tool comes at a time of saving the screen shot. It offers different size and format options to choose from. For example, I’m allowed to either save it in 16-bit or 32-bit or any other supported format like PNG or JPEG. Cool, right? You can also keep the default settings taking care of these options for you.

The only thing which can be shared as cons over here is that it doesn’t offer a direct sharing option. You can only capture and edit the screenshot, as there is no option to directly share the same. It needs to be done manually like you’ve been doing till now.

Wrap up

So, folks, I hope you agree with me on the fact that MWSnap is definitely the best free screen capture tool and editor for Windows systems. But, if it includes the direct sharing option in the upcoming version, it will definitely come over its one con I found. It’s time to use the software and share your experience in the discussion section.

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