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5 Online Tools To Create Tag Clouds

I am pretty sure that you have seen a tag cloud of keywords on an image, right? How about creating yours this time? If you want to do that then here is your chance to learn about the online tools to create tag clouds.

These tools are free to use and some of them doesn’t even require you to add the keywords. Yes, you can simply enter the URL of a website and the tool will find out the top most searchable keywords for the same. Now, you will be able to create the tag cloud with the same set of keywords. I hope you will love this way.

Online Tools to Create Tag Clouds

So, how about we start with the compilation of online tools now. Ready?

#1 ToCloud

Type in the words, assign weights to each of them and proceed ahead to create your tag cloud. This is the easiest tool that I found over the internet and it does look simple enough to start without any issues. But, this is the basic thing this tool can do.

While, you can also move into more details and make use of better tools available within. These special tools include, stop words, threshold, effects, etc. There are certain effects available which you can set and that will be reflected the words that are part of the cloud.

Download ToCloud

#2 TagCrowd

You can either enter text or URL or even upload a text file containing the words which you want to include in the output result. It works at a super speed. You can see the creation process at your own pace. It is possible because the tag cloud is being created as soon as you type a new word. Amazing, right?

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 4.30.35 pm

The easiness it offers to enter the words is really awesome and solely the main reason behind its popularity. Yes, it is being used by millions of users around the globe. You can easily find people recommending it over the social platforms.

Download TagCrowd

#3 Wordle

The best part of this tool is its pre-defined sets that are available to choose and once you do, the tag cloud you have created is adjusted according to the same. You are allowed to create your own layout as well. A bunch of customization tools like the color change, layout change, font, etc., are allowed to offer a completely personal result.

Download Wordle

#4 Tagxedo

The second best website according to me. You are allowed to create a tag cloud from either a URL or by just entering the text of words. It can even access keywords from popular social platforms like del.icio.us, RSS tools, and Twitter.

The creator is allowed to choose the word shape, colors, and many other similar customizations. After everything you are done, and you have your tag cloud, you are still allowed to edit it and make it completely yours.

Download Tagxedo

#5 Tagul

Last, but not the least, this is last tag cloud creation tool I can recommend because of its creative way of operating the process. I mentioned it at the bottom, at the last spot we have because it ask the user to sign up for an account before offering the tools to him/her. Of course the account is free to create, but these types of tools doesn’t fit the purpose of having an account. Still, you will find its main tag cloud creation tool helpful and perfectly working.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 4.30.23 pm

Download Tagul

Wrap up

So, this was the list for your use. I hope you find it interesting and useful. Do share your experience with these tools so that I can improve the list if it requires. How about sharing it with your social friends? It will help them too!

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