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How To Open Background Links In Android Phone?

How to avoid distracting your current activity on a smartphone while switching to another page is something crucial to save you from getting disturbed by losing data of your current activity. In case you would like to switch to another page and consequently start the current process again from point blank? So distracting! Fortunately, you can manage your current activities by using several steps to open background links in Android Phone to save you from lots of bothering moments.

It’s something extremely pleasant for Smartphone users to switch effortlessly to another link in the background while keeping their ongoing activities intact. Hope so future versions of Smartphones come up with tackling the issue quite capably, for the time being you can learn yourself to open background links in Android Phone to avoid a mammoth of intrusions while you are enjoying your Android smartphone and won’t like to be interrupted.

An Android app known as Flynx is currently doing the trick for the purpose. Whenever, it’s needed to come transversely across a clickable link, the app will load the webpage in the background keeping your current activity safe. This way you save you can continue with your current activity on the device and save your precious time as well. Downloading, installing, and using Flynx is just a matter of every Android user’s time and one can easily understand how to use it. Detailed below are the ways to get Flynx on your smartphone.

• Go to Google Play Store and install Flynx on your Smartphone

• Launch the app from your app setting, and see the magic it can show to you.

• Following launching the Flynx, launch the desired web link and click on it. Make sure to see if the app is working perfectly and loading the desired links in the background of your gadget correctly?

• Before professionally using the app, try it in practice to keep the control of every detail while you go on to regular usage.

• After clicking on the link, it will ask you promptly what app you would like to open in background. Select Flynx at this point of time, click once on it, prefer “Always in settings Instead of Just Once”, if you ought to see all chosen links brings in the background of your device without any undue delay.

• Bubble will start to display on the left side of the screen, this is the indication of loading the desired link. Now it’s on your disposal to finish of the current work than click the bubble to pop up the desired link on to your screen. This way you can open background links in Android Phone with the app Flynx.

Final Words

Until unless a new series of Smartphones introduces to the market with similar inbuilt apps, you can enjoy using Flynx to enhance the high end experience of opening one or more links in the background window to capitalize your browsing activities on your Android handset at your best.

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