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Getting Paid Apps Freely On Android

Getting paid apps freely on Android is a desire that is kept by millions of Android device users globally. Off course piracy is a below par affair and we don’t ask for it at all, but we only want to say that it’s possible to get benefited from paid apps freely for various evaluation purposes. How can you do that? Well, there are lots of legal ways that help you getting paid apps freely on Android from the Google Play store and other alternatives. In the lines below I will tell you some ways that enables you to do that without paying any cost.

Google Play Latest Free Apps

Google at last come to rescue free app hungry users with the “New Free App of the Week Section”. Though cost free apps aren’t promoted well enough compared to the paid ones so does Google as well measuring the depth of the waters by now. What is of our interest to see if the Google will continue with this practice of free Apps or not? One free App in the week is looks fine at this moment.


Free App Of The Week By Google Play

To get the free Google apps you have to go through from the “New Family”, here you can discover “Free App Banner”, click it to see the install feature here you can see what the app Google is offering for free in this week. Click on the app if you like to install.


In our quest for getting paid apps freely on Android, Amazon is another source of selecting an app legally and for free. Amazon is also offering user a free daily app just to beat Google. It’s the 2nd best online source followed by Google to get apps as well.

Visit Amazon Store Online to look for the App of the day or you may download Amazon’s regular app by visiting their page. You’re not accessed to get Amazon App from Play Store anymore, you have to visit their app store to do so and it needs your Amazon Login Account. You will find many useful free apps if you visit Amazon app store regularly and it will help augment your Smartphone functions.

“Free Apps of the Day” Apps



Getting paid apps freely on android was never so easy until AppGraits arrived. AppGraits is another really beneficial option from where you can choose desired apps free of cost. The best thing about them is that they send messages every day for their new app stock. Check the message and go for the one that entices you most. They also offer an app a day that is of worth for all free app seekers. Though on occasions, their free Apps won’t be eligible for upgradation, keep this in your memory, and not every free app offered is without its in-app purchases too. But on the whole, AppGraits still provides a good solution for getting paid apps freely on Android.

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