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Partition And Format A New Hard Drive In Windows 10

It’s the last quarter of 2015, and I have upgraded to Windows 10 OS from Windows 7 automatically as well as adding 2 Terabytes storage capacity hard disk in my desktop as well. Installing a hard drive in Windows 10 is an effortless job, simply attach the SATA cord and power adapter. The connection between Hard Disk and your Desktop has been completed. Beware: You can’t enter the storage space of hard drive without creating partitions and without doing its due formatting. So today I will tell you how to partition and format a new hard drive in Windows 10.

The formatting and partition procedure in Windows 10 is identical to that of Windows 7! However, it’s better to give you an introduction to the procedure to clear the ambiguities if any, at least for those who are installing a new hard drive on Windows 10 OS?


Partitioning in Windows 10

How to Partition and Format Hard Drive in Windows 10

Before doing the procedure, ensure a proper connection between the hard drive and your desktop. Now follow the steps to successfully Partition and format a new hard drive in Windows 10.

Go to “Settings” then to File Explorer, here scroll down to select the Manage option.

Then select “Disk Management” under the caption of Storage.

It’s mandatory now to create two portions in a hard drive, this called GPT system and it’s meant for PC’s loaded with most up-to-date OS systems, with having UEFI-enabled BIOS! Otherwise, stay with elderly MBR partition pattern.

Name the new hard drive as Disk1, 2, 3 or else in unallocated disk namespace! Better name it Disk1, to avoid any confusion. Right Click any of the unallocated space and select “New Simple Volume” Wizard > here tap Next.

Now you’re allowed to see the total megabytes free space available in your new hard drive with using our Partition and format a new hard drive in Windows 10 tips and tricks. Now tap next! If you wish to exploit fresh hard drive as a solitary option. It’s your prerogative, otherwise its best to create more than one equal space partitions preferably, and I have created four of them with equal volume capacity. The 2 Terabyte Hard drive offers you a total of 19, 07,600 megabytes of free space, dividing the sum into four equal portions don’t create space issue in any of its divided parts for sure.

Your new drive automatically assigns a name for it, once done tap next.

Choose NTFS file system, then select “Perform Quick Format” then tap next.

Once done, Tap Finish to complete the procedure, as soon drive is generated! Windows will automatically open it to perform regular functions.

Right Click on unallocated space again, and replicate the procedure from Step 4 onwards to name all the remaining unallocated space.

Following completing all the procedure as per above mentioned steps, and generated all the required drivers. Now, open the File Explorer to see the newly installed drive in operation.

How do you find this article? Does Partition and format a new hard drive in Windows 10 helped you? Please comment on relevant section, you’re few seconds for our guidance will help us to improve further in our future posts. Thank you!

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