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November 7, 2004 – SBC Unresponsive to, Identity Theft, Internet Fraud, Complaints
Reports to SBC of identity theft scam go unanswered. Fraudulent web sites remain to collect personal information.

April 1, 2004 – founder Mark Brasche shares spotlight at Internet Safety town meeting.
Westchester County takes proactive measures to combat Internet predators.

February 26, 2003 – founder Mark Brasche to speak
at SIFKaL conference in Seville, Spain, March 14-15, 2003.
Global Internet Safety initiative to feature prominent speakers.
E.U. Safer Internet Action Plan taming waves for surfers.

November 24, 2002 – founder Mark Brasche skeptical of domain acceptance, urges Congress “Proceed with caution.”
Ability for domain to create a safe haven questionable.
Broad acceptance of “safe haven” unlikely.

November 24, 2002 – elevates voluntary content labeling to new heights at Comdex.
Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) labeling embraced by Comdex delegates.
Popularity of voluntary content labeling rises.

For immediate release
Saturday, Sept 21, 2002 celebrates 3 years of continued service!
We’re three years old! Since September of 1999, has been the catalyst that many web developers needed to voluntarily label their online content and remains to this day the only Family Friendly web directory reserved solely for PICS labeled content. Today our directory boasts nearly 25,000 labeled web sites and receives approximately 300,000 unique visits per month from almost 10,000 referring web sites in all corners of the globe.

“Congratulations to SurfSafely on this anniversary. Their search engine and wider network are a clear demonstration of how content providers’ self-labelling using the ICRA system can be used effectively to offer a tailored online service that meets the demands of its users.”   Phil Archer – ICRA

We’re proud to be a part of the online movement toward conscientious web publishing and responsible content selection within our homes and schools. Together with the PICS labeling authorities ICRA and SafeSurf, third party review authorities such as iWatchdog and our good friends at Rackspace, our expectations are high for a safer online community for us all.

Friday, February 22, 2002 announces plans to offer dial-up Internet service will soon offer dial-up Internet service through more than 1400 access numbers to subscribers in the U.S. and soon in Canada. Branding will be under the name The service will be available prefiltered and unfiltered, user selectable at any time through the master account password in the online control panel with filtering broken down into 38 categories. Pricing will be $19.95/month for unlimited access. Each account will include 10 email addresses, 10 MB of personal home page web space and 24/7 tech support! Enterprise level web hosting is also available through New England Webmasters for those needing a more robust solution for their online presence.

99.999% Uptime GuaranteeTuesday, January 15, 2002
Rackspace hosts would like to take this opportunity to thank Rackspace, Inc. for their enormous generosity in hosting our Family Friendly directory. Their commitment to satisfaction and first class managed hosting make it possible for us to continue to grow and assures that families and schools will continue to enjoy the many benefits of a directory like ours open only to voluntarily labeled content for a very long time to come.

Monday, November 12, 2001 deploys new search engine

To better serve our users, has been completely redeployed on an entirely new database engine from the good folks at iWeb. Our many thanks go out to John Cokos, iWeb CEO, who was and continues to be instrumental in helping us to adapt the scripting to best suit our needs. Some of the many new benefits include:

  1. Much faster turn around time from date of submission to date of inclusion. Updates should now occur on a WEEKLY basis! There’s nothing more frustrating than submitting to a directory only to wait forever to see your listing appear. NO MORE! This goes for new affiliates as well.
  2. Search within search. Before all we had was search within category. The problem was many links in our directory are not categorized so that feature was of only limited use. Now, with this feature, results can be refined to the Nth degree!
  3. [+, and] Required search terms. “+” is not new but the”and” operator is.
  4. [-, not] Excluded search terms. Like item 3, “-” is not new, but “not” is. We’re not taking any steps backward.
  5. [or] Specify non-exclusive search terms. For those extreme power searchers like myself who appreciate Boolean operators, this one’s for you!
  6. [url:] Search by url (Like AltaVista and Google) We had this with the previous engine but url’s appeared in regular searches. This tended to clutter the results with unrelated information. Now, if you want to find url’s, you ask for url’s.
  7. [*] Wildcard matches. This is one of my favorites! If a search for a term does not return enough results, this allows you to search for parts of a term. For instance, searching for inter* would find intern, internet, interrogation, etc. Get into the habit of using * when you search at You’ll like the results.
  8. Private Label branding. We are now licensing fully private labeled versions of our service to ISP’s, portals and PDA manufacturers who wish to express their support of voluntary content labeling but still keep their users theirs.
  9. Built in multilingual support! Because we are a GLOBAL resource, it has always been the objective of to one day offer our service in more than one language. With the new software, that dream can now become reality! We’re looking at mirroring in French, German, Spanish and hopefully someday in Japanese!
This is a very exciting time for us. We hope you will continue your support of our directory by making your first stop each time you log onto the web and labeling any sites you may have online.

Monday, November 12, 2001 revises Terms of use to encompass “Site spamming”

In response to the growing trend of Site Spamming, has revised its policies to address the issue. “Site spamming” is the term used when users become bombarded with numerous new browser windows just by going to a page and is a favorite tool of porn predators. What then appears in the new windows is entirely at the discretion of the web site operator and often against our terms for inclusion in this directory. Sites given to such practices, even though their material may be suitable, will be barred from this directory until such time as they discontinue this practice. Our rule of thumb for determining how much is too much will be – Only one pop-up window allowed, pointing only to content within the same domain to material suitable for our directory.

June 5, 2001
SafeSurf and form wireless web alliance.

Ray Soular, co-creator of the SafeSurf PICS content labeling standard and Mark Brasche, founder and CEO of, a web directory exclusively for PICS labeled sites, announced today the formation of an alliance together with the United Federation of Childsafe Web Sites to work with manufacturers of wireless Web enabled devices to voluntarily incorporate PICS filtering as an integral part of the firmware and work with them in adopting a standard on which it will be based. Already in discussions with the alliance are Nokia and Qualcomm with many others preparing to follow suit. “It can only work to enhance their brand value, especially among parents concerned about access to content that they can not be there to supervise.” commented Brasche.

Because wireless web access is still very new, for a short time we will have a small window of opportunity to not repeat the same mistakes made when PICS filtering was first introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium back in 1995. Like any other consumer product that must be labeled, so too should web content. By building PICS filters it into the firmware, parents purchasing these devices for their children can configure them to filter rated content based on viewing levels they set and block unrated content. Web developers concerned about reaching as large an audience as possible need only include a descriptor tag into their sites to assure that their content is not blocked. And, once labeled they can then be added to and searchable from the web directory, the obvious choice for safety conscious parents.

Freedom of speech for the developers and freedom of choice for parents.


May 8, 2001
ICRA recognizes search engine
Recognizing the unprecedented potential of the Family Friendly Search Engine at to promote voluntary self labeling of web content, ICRA (The Internet Content Rating Association, today unveiled links to from both their PICS (Platform for Internet Content Selection) labeling process results page as well as the confirmation email sent to all who rate using their labeling system. is the only search engine of its kind open only to PICS labeled content. As parents and teachers become increasingly aware of the benefits of seeking labeled content, so too do the web developers who see the added value of rating their material in the additional traffic generated because of it. Due to the exponential growth in popularity of the search engine, web developers who submit their rated sites there are virtually guaranteed substantial return on investment.

February 25, 2001 exhibits at SafeSurfing 2001, Singapore.

Great strides were made at Safe Surfing 2001 Singapore in the battle to keep cyberspace safe for us all, children and parents alike. Keynotes and conferences were chaired by such notable figures as Stephen Balkam, executive director of ICRA, Nigel Williams, founder of and ICRA board member, David Kerr, Executive director of Internet Watch Foundation and many others. is proud to have been a participant in this event.

We would also like to thank Mrs. Carmee Lim, chariman of PAGi (Parents Advisory Group for the Internet) for inviting to exhibit at Safe Surfing 2001 and sponsoring our booth space there. Her zeal for children shines brightly in everything she does. May she continue to teach and inspire us all.