Privacy Policy

When a web page is submitted for addition to the SURFSAFELY.COM directory, description information is collected from that page to help us index it correctly. Email addresses are added to our link records only if supplied voluntarily during submission. Under normal circumstances, nothing is done with this email address other than to keep it on file as a contact for that web site and in rare cases to notify them of changes in the status of their listings in our directory. Additionally, if a user voluntarily supplies their email address when submitting a site, that person will receive a confirmation email from our autoresponder with details of their submission results.

We have begun to see a phenomenon where people were receiving “replies” from our autoresponder because someone else used their email address when submitting a site to our directory. We no longer allow the practice of using someone else’s email address for confirmation during submission! Attempting to do so will result in an error. Only addresses at the domain being submitted will be allowed or no address at all. You may, however, still opt out from autoresponses by replying to one with REMOVE as the only word in the subject line.

Except where required by law, we do not and will not knowingly share with any other entity personally identifiable information of any kind collected by this site. We may, however, share aggregate data with affiliates and partner sites for the purpose of improving the quality of our service for our users.

Personally identifiable information supplied in email communications to us are used solely for reply if warranted, then discarded unless there is just cause to keep it on file for future communications.

As a service to those who have ordered our book Child Safety-Net, we may from time to time send notification of new releases and similar related information. You may request to be blocked from our outbound e-mail at any time by sending us an e-mail. Aside from the newsletter if you are subscribed, sending to this address guarantees that you will no longer receive any of our other mass mailings.

Our free SURFSAFELY.COM email newsletter is opt-in only and completely anonymous. Reliable means are provided to opt in or out at any time.

Persistent cookies are used at SURFSAFELY.COM for the purpose of determining voter status in our online polls and expire after 180 days. No personally identifiable information is collected by us by our use of cookies. Advertisers and sponsors may employ cookies to track visitors from our site so that we may receive payment for referrals to their sites.

Because SURFSAFELY.COM is a directory is targeted at schools and family members of all ages, it is possible that information may end up in our files from children under the age of 13. Legal guardians of children under 13 who believe we may have unknowingly collected information from them may request that we supply and/or delete said information upon presenting verifiable proof they are indeed the legal guardian.

SURFSAFELY.COM can not control the harvesting of email addresses or other personally identifiable information by third parties from pages which may be indexed here, has no control over how that information might be used by third parties should this occur and assumes no liability for any damages whatsoever resulting from this type of privacy breach. Owners are solely responsible for their own content.

Guestbook & forum

SURFSAFELY.COM can not control the harvesting of e-mail addresses or other personal information by third parties which you may post to our guestbook or message board. For this reason we have deliberately omitted requiring this information in order to use them. If you include contact information in your posts or comments, you acknowledge that do so at your own risk. The responsibility of what you post here is yours alone.

Our forum and guestbook are moderated and provided specifically for parents and school administrators to ask questions and share experience regarding online safety. Off-topic posts will not be allowed to remain, nor will replies to posts making no substantial contribution to any given message thread. While we do our best to stay on top of things, SURFSAFELY.COM assumes no liability for posts made to the guestbook or forum which may be considered in any way libelous or defamatory by any third party and reserves the right to edit or delete any message, at our sole discretion, that we feel inappropriate.

Solicitation for anonymous contact via email through message boards like ours is the equivalent of anonymous online chat and, in keeping with our position on this subject, isSTRICTLY PROHIBITED!


All credit card processing performed at SURFSAFELY.COM is handled by Card Service International on their own servers. Using the recommended strong encryption versions of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, personal information submitted on the order page is RC4, 128 bit RSA encrypted with SSL Version 3 and RC4 1024-bit encrypted between merchant banks. Due to the extremely sensitive nature of sharing and warehousing credit card information, for your protection when placing an order, not even SURFSAFELY.COM has access to complete credit card numbers, only partial numbers for the purpose of identifying specific customers. A full security disclosure can be found at the CardService website. SURFSAFELY.COM assumes no liability for losses or damages to the client as a result of their use of this online transaction system.


Mechanisms are provided on the Child Safety-Net Forum and Lecture Schedule pages to be automatically notified of updates to those pages. This free service is provided courtesy of Netmind. Click here to view Netmind’s full Privacy Policy disclosure.

Activity to this site is monitored closely and recorded. Suspicious or illegal activity has been and will continue to be reported to the appropriate authorities.

For additional information, disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability, please see our Terms Of Use.