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Pro Game Players Considered Professional Athletes in USA

If you are one of those who play the famous online strategy game League of Legends or any other online game series, then you are in for some great luck. The United States government is officially considering pro players of the game professional athletes and awarding them visas to come to the country and show-case their talents. Those players could be able to come to USA under the title of professional athletes and can practice any sports they like in USA.

In an interview published on Gamespot official, Riot game’s Nick Allen and Magus spoke about this announcement and have appraised the US government for taking such broad-approach step.

Traditionally, it was hard for pro gamers to obtain working visa to the US but now things have changed under Obama administration. This step will not only invalidate the value of esports but also create more diversity because of the support now offered in US for pro esporters.

Therefore, all those who are pro at league of legends or any known online games should at once apply for professional athlete’s visa for USA. There is a whole good chance that you can be able make a great career for yourself and enjoy great benefits for the rightful talent that you have. So better prepare yourself for some gaming spirit and then reap the rewards.

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