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Pro Twitter Tips For Android Users

Twitter is banging the social media with its powerful presence and holds over 32 million actively participating people around the world. The twit counts over 500 million a day, following close to Facebook statuses; it’s the 2nd largest social networking stage in the world. It’s simply an amazing story of success. You’re updated instantly whether you are looking for emerging new developments, news around the world or looking updates for celebrities, everything is there instantly. Most of the users use their smartphones to sign in twitter. So, we have compiled pro twitter tips for Android users so they can get the most awesome twitter experience.

Turn off Image Preview’s

Twitter by default displays thumbnail images directly on your timeline. In order to save some space on your display screen you might turn the previews off to avoid every tweet hitting your timeline and display huge image previews. To stop this function you need to open menu—click setting—General>Image>previews to regress to image link in its place.

Limit the “While You Were Away Feature”

Following sign in to twitter, this feature by default summarizes all the top tweets posted from your last log in. Restricting this feature would prove more beneficial then disabling at for good. To reduce its working to certain numbers click the cross icon following subsequent dialogue ask twitter to close or limit it.

Manage Multiple Accounts

In continuation to our pro twitter tips for Android users, another useful trick is to create multiple twitter accounts on same interface. This way you can manage your personal and professional account that help limit tweets load on you lone account. To do this go to the Menu—click Accounts>click Add Accounts to create your new account on same interface. Additionally, you can switch both your twitter accounts using the same method as well.

Make It Easier for Other People to Find You

Another very useful tip is to make it simple and precise for folks to trace your twitter account effortlessly. Twitter offers you several options to make your twitter profile easily reachable, you can go to Menu> click Setting>General—display will ask you to command whether anyone can find you via your e-mail address or by your cell #.

Add or Remove Your Location

While you commence tweeting, on the left corner in the bottom of your screen you will see a map pin icon. In case you would like to display your location click the icon and your location will accompany next time with your tweet. But beware! It is one option that can also get you in trouble with cyber security and or other criminal issues so use it with caution. You can offer your tweet location on display using the General tab setting as well.

Customize App Notification

One of the best pro twitter tips for Android users, says I, since it helps you to manage irresistible notifications on this fairly busy social network such as twitter. To save you from uninterrupted notifications you will have to go into Menu> select Settings> click the Twitter Handle then select Mobile Notification, over here you can better manage your notifications as required.

Choose Your Widget

Twitter has facilities both for small and big display users, they offer (4*6) and (4*1) size display options, you’re at liberty to adjust your display if owning a big screen Android handset. This feature offers you to access the whole timeline along with lots of other preferences of tweets as well.

Share Tweets

Like they say: “Sharing is caring” so checkout this tip among the pro twitter tips for Android users. On twitter you can use many ways to share tweets and to do so click the “Share Button” on any of the individuals page and you can send app such as Drop Box or others (here tweet link can be saved as being a text file) or While using Gmail (it can be saved as embedded pic in your e-mail link).

Refine Searches

Unfortunately the search capacity of Smartphones is not as good as of Desktops or Laptops, still you can refine the search results. Go in to “Search Result Screen” than click the option of two sliders. This way you can restrict your search to videos, news, images, people and more. Additionally, using this method you can trace nearby tweets effortlessly.

So these were some of the pro twitter tips for Android users I have compiled here for all smartphone twitter users. Let us know if anyone of them had been beneficial to you in any aspect?

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