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Ransomeware Virus now on the web for free

Tox, a virus creation company, has now made Ransomeware virus available on the web for free now. Tox is that kind of company which offers a free virus creation of any kind to their signed-up members completely without any cost at all. And recently the company has announced that they will facilitate their members in the creation of “Ransomeware Virus” on their platform completely free of cost. A little bit of info about this Ransomeware virus is that the virus is quite dangerous for the devices it infects. These days the virus of this category are primarily used by the professional hackers.

Since Ransomeware virus available on the web for free now for every common web user to exploit it, this creates a quite difficult situation for the web users to avoid being infected by this dangerous malign. The virus works in such way that if it infects a PC, it will completely overtake all the sensitive data on that PC or device and then shut locks the user account which then can only be unlocked by paying money to the Ransomeware. The additional thing to worry about is that most of the antivirus software’s couldn’t even detect it let alone stopping it from infecting the device.

Since everyone can use it as the Ransomeware virus available on the web for free, with a full kit also downloadable which will help the exploiter to easily setup the virus on their own Ransomeware kit of Tox, where hackers will get the 20$ of the money from all the targets hit by anyone for making the kit available for the common users of the web. Well, with this free availability, users on the web should be careful and use the strictest security they can on their connected devices in order to avoid getting hit and ending up paying a ransom for the release of their system.

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