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Recording the Android Device Screen

Android OS is an open-source for everyone to use and due to this reason it has been a major platform for millions of applications development process. The diversity and the functions of Android apps are a thing that is deservedly admired everywhere. One of those functions is to record the Android device screen that can be enabled on Apple TV or other platforms.

The scope in this section is higher than ever since Android OS is constantly under the change or development process. Due to the wide range of adoption that Android OS enjoys such as being the major operating system for almost every mobile brand in the world like Sony, L. G., Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and many more, quota of apps and options are greater for it.

So let us head back to our main point of the article which is to actually dig into Android device screen recording feature, here are some exciting apps that lets you explore this side of Android OS in a very commanding and enjoyable way.
Android device screen recording apps

Screen recorder for Android Kit Kat

By using this application you can easily record Android device screen and additionally enjoys sub-options as:

  • Setting bitrate
  • Video rotation
  • Setting up screen resolution
  • Adjusting countdown time

The recording with this app will be saved on SD Card and the free version gives you a recording time of up to 3 minutes.


This app is brilliant for those whose Android devices are not rooted. By using Recordable you can record an Android device screen quite easily. However, the application supports Android OS higher then gingerbread 2.3. The video quality is acceptable but the only flaw is that the app does not record sound in the system, instead it can only record audio from a mic.


This application is indeed one of the popular among recording Android device screen feature in the Android world. It receives a considerable amount of downloads a month. You can just install the app, run it, set the bitrate and duration of the video and all done! Oh yes, do not forget to tap on the “Record” button after doing afore mentioned. With the free version you can capture a video of up to 5 minutes conveniently. Buy the pro version and set your own duration if you feel you need one.

SCR Screen Recorder free version

SCR screen recorder is also another Android app that lets you record Android device screen for at least 3 minutes. The app will leave a watermark on your video but the most amazing factor is that SCR screen recorder does not have any kind of interface. It only has three buttons in widget placed on the screen. One button is for exit, one for recording and one is to access options. Options are as follows:

  • Video Resolution
  • Bitrate adjustment
  • Video encoding
  • Frame rate
  • Image transformation

So, which Android device screen recorder will you use?

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