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How To Recover Shift Deleted Files In Windows 8.1/8/7 – Best Guide

The situation you are currently in is very awkward. I completely understand the situation you are in at this moment, as you want the same file back, which deleted permanently from your computer. Here is a guide to recover shift deleted files in Windows 8.1/8/7. I will try my best to keep the process simple enough for all of you to remember but still there may be few technical terms, of which you will get used to.

If you are completely a newbie then you need to understand a difference in a normal deletion of a file and the deletion through ‘Shift + Delete’ command. Since, we are talking of the Windows platform here, there are these two ways of deleting a file.

Going with the simple and direct way, puts the deleted file in the Recycle Bin. This is a little storage in every Windows system where temporarily deleted files are kept. No matter how badly you want to delete the file, it is still on your computer and to delete it permanently you need to empty the Recycle Bin.

Or, you can directly select the file you wish to wash out completely, and then press ‘Shift + Delete’ keys from the keyboard. There is no GUI command for this permanent deletion process, so you need to remember this key combination.

There are few things you need to consider checking and aware of, before starting the process. The software you are going to download for the process ahead, needs to be downloaded in the right compatible form. Check your system, whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit (right click on My Computer and select Properties). If it is 32, then download the 32-bit version of Recuva and similarly with the other case.

Also, there are few limitations in this process. If you wish to go in details, then there are lots of technical terms related to computer science and particularly how the operating system and storage units work. Simply, you need to make sure that the Directory in which original file was stored, which is now deleted and you are looking to recover, is left unused. Don’t try to copy anything new into it.

How to Recover Shift Deleted Files in Windows

Now you are totally ready to go with the process. I understand if you have skipped the above part, that’s because you are in a hurry. But, don’t worry, your files aren’t going anywhere if it wasn’t too long since you have pressed those permanent file deletion key combination.

Following is the part which consists of simple instructions you need to go through and in very short time, the recovery process will be running ahead of you. Make sure you don’t skip any of the steps.

  • You need to download a data recovery software first. Recuva is the most recommended and I am sure you are going to like the way it works. You don’t need to pay anything for its free version, which is going to work in our case.

How To Recover Shift Deleted Files In Windows 1

  • After the installer package file of Recuva software is downloaded completely, double-click on the same, select Run option from first pop-up and then go through on screen instructions. That’s right, you need to simply accept the license and proceed clicking on Next buttons until you reach the Finish one.

How To Recover Shift Deleted Files In Windows 2

  • Once the software is installed, a quick launch shortcut will be added on the Desktop. You can also find it from All Programs section in the Start menu. Yes, you have to click on the same.

How To Recover Shift Deleted Files In Windows 3

  • Click on Next from the first screen and then select All Files from the next. This will ensure that you want to recover any kind of file. You can also select a particular one if you want to proceed that way. Click the Next button again.

How To Recover Shift Deleted Files In Windows 4

  • You will be asked to select the Directory (Drive) where the file was originally stored. Once you select the drive, proceed ahead. Click on the ‘I’m not sure’ option and proceed by clicking on Next button. If you are sure of the location where the file was stored, then you can select the appropriate option and it will speed up the process.

How To Recover Shift Deleted Files In Windows 5

  • From the next screen, click on ‘Start’ button to initiate the process but make sure you haven’t enabled the ‘Enable Deep Scan’ option, as this option can make the whole process very time-consuming.

How To Recover Shift Deleted Files In Windows 6

  • After a while when scanning of lost files is done, you will see a list of them ahead, with some color codes. Green color means the file can be recovered totally, Yellow means very poor recovery (somewhat) and the Red color clearly indicates the file is totally gone.
  • I hope every file is greened for you. So, select those files (don’t even attempt to go for Red ones, because they are unrecoverable), and hit Recover button at the bottom.

The process will begin and it will take some time. The time depends on the original size of the file which is being recovered. Please note that the recovery process is very time-consuming. So, make sure that your system is working throughout the process and it doesn’t get off due to the power cut or any other reason.

This was the simple process to recover shift deleted files (or permanently removed files) in Windows. Since, the software, Recuva is available for Windows 8.1, 8, and 7 OS versions, so, this guide also works with them.

Do share your experience in the discussion section and in case of any assistance on any issue, write it down and I will come up with a dedicated solution as soon as I can. Peace.

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