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Top 3 Steps To Recover Shortcut Virus Lost Data

It might have happened with you on several occasions that you plugged in your external hard drive, USB, or even in your internally fixed hard disk, you suddenly see no files and folders visible which were there before the last time you connected. Instead, you see a shortcut image of your drive and upon clicking it nothing happens, is it? Well, it might make you worried at first but don’t get upset! It’s just a virus tricked your blockades and infected your drive and thankfully there are top 3 steps to recover shortcut virus lost data available today. What are those ways? Believe me they are very concrete and will definitely rid you off this culprit. Let’s look into top 3 steps to recover shortcut virus lost data.


A Shortcut Virus Infected Storage Drive

Top 3 Steps To Recover Shortcut Virus Lost Data

Run an Antivirus Scan

One of the easiest ways to kill off any trojans, virus, malware, or any of the sort, including shortcut virus, is to run a scan by an antivirus software that is formidable and updated enough to not only kill such viruses but also block them strongly from entering into your storage devices.

You can purchase the ones which you like the best among some of the reputable names like Kaspersky, Avira, Norton, Mcafee, and others. If you don’t want to purchase a software as of yet, you can try out free versions as well which will give you but limited amount of security. Nevertheless, a scan by any of these antivirus will catch and will be done with the culprit.

Recover or Unhide the Affected Data

This trick is among my favorite and one of the best, easiest, and formidable freeway amongst the top 3 steps to recover shortcut virus lost data. What normally happens that after a virus scan that virus will be removed but along with that you will get a huge surprise when you don’t see your files and folders back visible in the storage drive, alas! What has happened then? Are my files deleted too? These were obviously the normal questions you might be asking at that time.

But worry not! This trick that a hidden Windows feature does for you totally free will startle and amaze you and you will end up wondering why we need to buy data recovery software’s after all? Well, with this Windows feature among the top 3 steps to recover shortcut virus lost data you will be able to completely retrieve or unhide the affected data. Here’s what you need to do:

Open the elevated Windows command prompt by pressing and holding “Win” key on your keyboard and pressing “R” at the same time. (Applicable to Win 7 or later versions. For XP, go to start menu > run > and type cmd. Press enter)

The “Run” window will be opened and in it type “cmd” and press enter.

Now the command prompt will be opened and in it you need to type this command:

“attrib –h –r –s /s /d K:*.*”

The “K:” I have inserted in this command above represents the path name of my own external storage, so you need to put the drive letter over here of your affected storage device, not this “K:”.

Done! Now you only have to wait awhile until Windows takes care of the files that are hidden by the virus. Most hopefully your files will be back as they were but in case nothing appears, still do not worry and proceed to the 3rd step among our top 3 steps to recover shortcut virus lost data.

Recover Data Using Recovery Software

The third and final way among the top 3 steps to recover shortcut virus lost data is to use a data recovery software. There is a variety of programs available today for all platforms and formats. This choice completely rests on you as to what data recovery software you would like to use for recovery. There are both paid and free versions available on the web.

However, to make it easier for you to decide, here are some names of top data recovery programs in 2015 which you might want to try out:

  • Data Rescue PC
  • Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
  • Advanced Disk Recovery
  • Power Data Recovery

And so on so forth. Again, you are not forced to use these programs above for your data recovery but they are just suggestions to help you decide. You may choose whatever program you like and go on with it to recover back your data.

So, these were the top 3 steps to recover shortcut virus lost data and I hope they will serve your needs greatly. Please let us be aware of your feedback about these tips for recovering data in the comments?


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