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Recover Wi-Fi Password via Android

It’s not an unusual practice that we forget our WiFi passwords most of the time. It’s not only with a WiFi password, it happen to our entire device related passwords, particularly those that are less used. It’s troubling! In the lines below we will describe the ways to Recover Wi-Fi Password via Android. However, it’s essential that to retrieve the forgotten password through your Android device, you must have used the network in the past on your device.

For doing so, you just need to download and install an app on your Android device! Once installing the app, the app will save the WiFi password for the network into its database automatically, without your command even. That’s why whenever you establish a connection to a secure Wifi network, your device saves its password, in case you forget the password, you can retrieve it by using your Android device without much trouble.

Recover Wi-Fi Password Via Android

  • In the lines below we describe the method to Recover Wi-Fi Password via Android! However, to do that you need to root your handset, otherwise the app can’t help retrieve the secure network password.
  • Following rooted your Android handset; visit the Google’s Play Store! Search “Wifi Key Recovery” App, then download and install it on your handset. However, it needs to have a contemporary Android device! Otherwise’ it can’t help for most of the outdated Android handsets.
  • The 2nd from our Recover Wi-Fi Password via Android tricks is to permit it for working! As the app is launched, it will seek your consent for “Superuser Permission”, click “Allow” to do the trick, in the appeared box onto the display of your device.
  • Following your permission! You will see all the Networks and their passwords, your device working with yet in the appeared prompt on the display of your device. How to distinguish the password? Well, for to explore the proper password! View the titles onto the prompt and find the “psk” title. Whatever is writing in front of the “psk” is a WiFi password of the particular secure network you’re looking for.
  • In continuation of our Recover Wi-Fi Password via Android tips and tricks, for tracing one particular network from the lot, particularly when the name of your desired network not shown into the prompt! You need to write the name of the desired network into the search bar of the prompt. The requested network will appear on top of the screen of the prompt.
  • You can copy the password here with doing the following operation: click the name of your desired network and then click onto “Copy Password”.
  • If it requires exporting to a certain place, backup or for a later usage! You need to click the Menu key of your handset and then select the “Export” option.
  • In continuation of our Recover Wi-Fi Password via Android tips and tricks, select the scheme of sharing the exported data. If you want to save it on your systems memory card click the option of “To SD”, to export it to your handset’s SD card.
  • The data will be “Saved” into the SD card of the device for any potential future use.
  • With applying the same procedure, you can save the entire secure network passwords into the SD card of your device. It will be a great help! Now you have a backup of all passwords of the secure networks in your use.

Whenever required! Just open the folder where you have saved all the secure network passwords with using the above-mentioned app, select the one you’re looking for.

We believe our Recover Wi-Fi Password via Android tips will save you from lots of botheration and also it help saves your precious time to trace the forgotten passwords, as these days many of us are using numerous passwords for different application, and without any doubt it’s a demanding task to remember the specific one from the bunch of passwords for few hours time even.

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