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Remove the Go.next-search.net (Next Search)

This adware, Go.next-search.net is a redirect adware that has the ability to take over the home page or new tab of an affected browser program. Have this type of adware on your computer ensures that it has gained control over your computer. This browser replaces your search engine with its own because of the ads displayed in their search results and this way it hijacks your computer. It is a way for authors to generator profits while it annoys computer users who have been experiencing it. For this particular reason, many user end up going to Go.next-search.net as a part of the virus attack.

Basically, Go.next-search.net is not a virus as most of the aware programs or virus-like traits typically aim at getting a spot on the computer. Once it is inside your computer, it can result in certain changes without destroying files neither spread onto other computers. Adware or browser like Go.next-search.net have the purpose of issuing ads that try to generate gains online.

Go.next-search.net includes sources such as the freeware, malicious links, and fake software update. Whatever the source may be, the affect of this browser hijacker is harmful to the computer as well as the user. It basically hijacks the home page and then it replaces the dealt setting with an unknown page. The browser redirects and the pop-up advertisement may also be seen on the affected browser from over the period.

Even though Go.next-search.net is not as harmful as compared to many viruses or malware out their but it is recommended to remove such adware from ones computer. It can generate some security concerns that may lead to some kind of damage in the future.

The removal procedure of the Browser Hijacker, Go.next-search.net

Step 1: First you scan the computer with Sophos Virus Removal Tool

The rootlet and virus removal tool is very easy to use and it is free. It scans, detects and removes threats like Go.next-search.net home page hijacker. This powerful too is rough to find malicious items that are hidden on your computer.

1. Download the Sophos Virus Removal tool from the link provided below.
Sophos Virus Removal Tool Download Link

2. After you have downloaded, navigate the file location and then double-click on it. This will then start the installation procedure. User Account Control will then prompt if you want to run the program and then click yes in order to continue.

3. A welcome screen will be display after the launch of the program as shown in the image below. Then you click next to start the installation procedure.

4. After that you need to accept the license agreement before it installs on your computer. Choose ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’ and then click next to continue.

5. Click on the appropriate button in order to proceed further. After the installation process is complete. It will display InstallShield Wizard Completed. Place a check mark on the tool and then click finish.

6. The tool will automatically download the necessary updates for your computer. Lastly, the welcome screen will be displayed by the Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

7. Click on the Start Scanning button in order to start the checking process of the system for the presence of rootlet and other viruses. The tool will revel all the items that were found which were linked to Go.next-search.net and it will also detect and remove other malicious files which are present on your computer.

Step 2: Scan and then Delete the Adware with AdwCleaner.

1. Download the tool known as AdwCleaner from the link mentioned below.
Click here to download AdwCleaner

2. Once you have successfully completed the download, please close all running programs on your computer.
3. Locate the file and then double-click on the adwcleaner.exe to start running the tool.

4. It searches for presence of the dangerous programs, plug-ins, add-ons, or any data that were found malicious and linked to Square Corner. You may have to then delete each deleted item which is present.
5. Once the scan is done, the tool may need to reboot your computer to finalize the cleaning process.
6. After the reboot, open the AdwCleaner once more and then click on the uninstall to remove the program which is present in your computer.

Step 3: Remove the adware add-on and then cleanup your browser

After you have successfully completed or followed the steps mentioned above, you can know delete Go.next-search.net from your computer. This is a free tool scan and it checks the browser for any unwanted add-on, pop-ups, extensions and if such things are found then the Avast Browser Cleanup will alert you by providing you a full report and suggestions on how to deal with such problems on your computer.

1. Download the free tool and then save it on your computer.
Avast Browser Cleanup Download Link (This will open in a new window)

2. There is no need for the installation of this program or software. This portable scanner run automatically on your computer once you have double-clicked on the executable file avast-browser-cleanup.exe.

3. When this is done running, the Avast Browser Cleanup will perform a test on your browser and if unwanted entries are present, it will display a button ‘Remove all add-ons listed below and cleanup the browser’. You can simply remove all or delete the entries which are listed all at once or even one at a time.

4.The Avast Browser Cleanup will then confirm before you permanently deletes the add-on. Then you can click Yes to proceed with the removal of the Go.next-search.net on the affected browser.

Other options include other alternative methods to clean up the internet browser from the Go.next-search.net.

When you are dealing with Go.next-search.net, it is very important to clean up the unwanted add-ons or extenuation which are present in your browser. The procedure provided below focuses on resetting your browser to its default state.

Reset the Mozilla Firefox to the Default

The procedure provided below helps you in removing unwanted extension or pop-ups which are present in Firefox that are linked to Go.next-search.net. This procedure which is provided can help in fixing many problems which are present in the Firefox to factory settings without affecting your essential information (bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, and intern cookies) which are present on the browser. When dealing with specific extension you can use the manual removal of add-on from Firefox.

1. Navigate to the Firefox menu which is present at the top of the browser and then you access the Help area. Then you click on the troubleshooting Information.
2. A new tab will appear. You can see a section on upper-right corner of the screen stating Reset Firefox to its default state. Click on the Reset Firefox button.

3. If the confirmation window will appear, you click on the Reset Firefox to continue.
4. The Firefox browser will close and then you start with the resetting process. Once done, it will display a list of restored data. Go.next-search.net will be gone from your computer by now. Click on the Finish to open a fresh version of the Firefox.

Restore Internet Explorer to the Default Settings
1. Open the Internet Explorer and then navigate to the top menu. Click on the tools, and then internet options.
2. Selected the advanced tab on the internet options of the window.
3. On the lower part of the window, under the reset internet explorer settings area, click on the reset button. Please see image for further references.

Your personal data like favorites, bookmark, and history will remain in the browser. This particular process may delete the add-ons which were present in your computer due to the Go.next-search.net and other unknown objects. If you do prefer to further carry out the procedure of solving problems manually, please refer to the add-on removal from internet explorer.

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