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How to remove MVPlayer

Tips to remove MVPlayer
Many people faced the problem of watching online videos but when MVPlayer arrived in the market, it solved many problem. A lot of people installed it in their computers and laptops but they were not aware of a little problem that MVPlayer carries along with it. A nasty type of code lies under the core files. Computer security programs detects MVPlayer as an unwanted program.
How MVPlayer makes profit?
It also provides the facility to listen to online music and watch videos online. The creators of this player try to engage as many people with this program as possible. More people install and use this program more the creators of MVPlayer make profits. The other source of making revenues is displaying advertisements, and it is a major source of revenue for them.
What is the problem?
Most users who install MVPlayer are unaware that the problem lies in MVPlayer itself. It installs unwanted programs automatically and these programs carry malwares along with them inside the computer. When people realize that the main problem lies inside MVPlayer, they try to delete it but it can’t be deleted that easily. Even if users try to uninstall this program through add/remove programs (which uninstalls most of the programs easily), It doesn’t remove that easily. Here we will provide you a guide and show you proper steps to delete MVPlayer properly.
Make sure to download anti-malware product. When you delete this program completely make sure to install anti-malware software so you can prevent your computer from further problems. And avoid downloading other programs which you do not know about because most of them carry similar problems along with them.

Here are a few steps to remove MVPlayer completely from your PC
Step 1
Use add/Remove program
1. If you are using windows 7, click the start button, select control panel and click add/remove programs in from the list.
2. If you are using windows 8, In search bar write add/remove programs and next steps are similar.
3. Click on uninstall a programs, then find MVPlayer in the list.
4. If you are not able to find MVPlayer from the list, just look for any suspicious name that is installed recently and uninstall that program by clicking on uninstall.

Step 2
Scan Adware in your computer
1. Download AdwCleaner by simply typing it on Google. You will find many links of downloading it.
2. After you have downloaded this program, close all running programs.
3. Locate the file in your computer, double-click it, and run the tool.

4. It will automatically detect any malwares present in your PC that were present because of MVPlayer. But, you may need to delete the detected problems manually.
5. Once you are done with the scan, you PC will need to reboot, and everything will be cleaned as new.
6. After you turn on the computer again, open AdwCleaner and uninstall this program from your computer.
Step 3
Remove extensions from your browser
After the scan, remove any extensions from your browser that are installed automatically by different softwares. Here are several steps to delete extensions.
1. Download avast-browser-cleanup.
2. There is no need to install this program, it will be automatically detect any malwares or extensions in your browser and delete them.
3. Avast browser cleanup will automatically detect any unwanted programs in your web browser and it will make a list of those programs.
4. Delete all those programs or extensions by simply clicking on remove all add-ons.

Remove MVPlayer from MAC
Step 1
Remove browser extension
1. Locate any extensions that are present in your web-browser and delete them from your browser.
2. Choose preferences from Safari menu, simply click on extensions icon, and it will open a window which will be showing all extensions installed in your Safari browser.
3. For Chrome, select preferences, and click on extensions and rest is the same like Safari.
4. For Firefox, choose add-ons from the tools menu, you will find extensions, delete the extensions.
Step 2
Delete unnecessary files
Find any files related to MvPlayer and move them to trash.
If you are unable to find any files related to MvPlayer, just look for any suspicious files and get rid of them.

Step 3
Scan the system
1. Download TSMART tool from Google.
2. Install the recent version of Adware Removal tool.
3. This tool will scan your system for any unwanted programs and automatically delete them.

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