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Repairing Damaged AVI Files

It might have happened with you quite a few times when you download a video from the web and at the time of playing an error message pops-up saying “Windows media player encountered an error while playing the file.” Is it so? If it does then you came exactly upon the right article. Today I am giving you the tutorial on repairing damaged AVI files so that you can continue to enjoy a remarkable entertainment period. Since there are many reasons for problems happen when playing a video file, some of the intrusions can totally be from the internal hardware issues such as bad sectors in the hard drive, power failures, electromagnetic waves interference and more. However, the best thing is that you can repair a corrupt or damaged AVI file easily since it is normally an indexing issue. Let us now focus on some of the ways of repairing damaged AVI files.

Repairing Damaged AVI Files

The methods we will be using for repairing damaged AVI files all relies upon the usage of a third party software. Therefore, there are some glitches we must have to be aware of before executing the repair of a damaged or corrupt AVI video file. Since it is required to always repairing the original file, there are chances that if the file could not be fixed on a single attempt by an individual software, continues repairing by several software’s could end up making several parts of the video unplayable even after it was recovered fully.

Additionally, using too many software’s for repairing a damaged AVI file could also end up making it completely corrupted or dead. So, keep in mind always that before executing repairing methods do create a backup of your original video file. This will certainly save the original file in case if it gets no good results after repairing or become totally corrupt. So now you know all the precautions and alerts, let us proceed forward to with the process of repairing damaged AVI files.

Repairing Damaged AVI Files with DivFix++

DivFix++ is one of the most reputable AVI repairing software and a one that is long standing in this field. DivFix++ repairs both AVI and DivX files easily & effectively. You need to download this software first and then extract the files with finally running the setup.exe. After installing the software, follow these steps:

  • Open DivFix++ and click on “Add Files” to browse & upload your file into the software repairing panel.
  • Press the “Check Errors” button when the file is uploaded. The software will start scanning for the errors in the file.
  • Once the scanning is done and errors were found, press “Fix” button to repair damaged AVI files.
  • Once the errors are fixed, you can open the video file to see if it is playing now.

Repairing Damaged AVI Files with VLC Player

This software has been the most regarded and respected when it comes to not only playing all types of media formats but fixing some of them as well and the one which it fixes the most effectively is an AVI file. VLC player is also much easier, faster and with improved features. VLC player can fix the damaged index of an AVI file that thoroughly fixes the file to make it re-playable. To begin, here is the method:

  • Whenever you open a damaged AVI file on VLC player, it will ask you to click on 3 following options:

– Build index then play

– Play as is

– Do not play

  • You can choose the option of “Build index then play” so VLC will repair the index of the file and play it as it will augment the chances of recovery.
  • For repairing a bunch of corrupted files automatically by VLC, you can go to “Tools” and select “Preferences.”
  • In preferences, click on “Inputs and Codecs” and select “Always Fix” just right after the “Damaged or incomplete AVI file.”

Done! Repairing the damaged AVI files will become an easier affair for you and you will continue to enjoy your entertainment as you used to do before. Please do share with us a thought in the comments section if this article has helped you or you have some other good means for repairing damaged AVI files.

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