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Top 5 Tips To Secure Your Android Device

There are many reasons for Android users today to consider about the security and protection of their private info and other confidential data on their Android devices. Some of them includes the ability of several apps to access personal information, malware attacks, viruses, and other online fraudulent/scams that might break their way into your own personal little world if proper security measures are not being done. Therefore, in this article I will be discussing the top 5 tips to secure your Android device from all kinds of malign prospectuses which is out there just on the doorpost to find a way right into your Android device to demolish everything it founds.

Although, Google do much about securing your Android device with its groundbreaking technological techniques but the Android OS, being a widely popular and used platform in the world; developers and many other master-coders around the world might be able to find a simple loophole to get into Google Play and from where it can rightfully be downloaded into your device to do its job.

So, does it mean that you can’t enjoy all the benefits Android has to offer and or limit your limitation to download every exciting app? No! Instead, if you just follow some good tips responsibly (some of them is described in our top 5 tips to secure your Android device) you will have the infinity of Android platform to enjoy almost every content you like in full freedom. So, let us see what these tips teaches us …

Block Apps Outside of Google Play Store

It is one of the crucial tip to secure your Android device and your data overall. The formula of sticking to Google Play only is best in your favor for a tally of reasons but the most reasonable of them all is the security check and approval of Google’s technicians for an application to be safe.

Applications that are found from outside the official app store of Android have huge chances of being a corrupt or security compromising program. By this I do not mean to bad-mouth every developer’s app who couldn’t make it to Google Play, but a phishing or a malware attack from outside the official marketplace is highly anticipated. Therefore, if you feel the need to download an app outside of Google Play, be cautious and careful and download only from the provider you trust fully.

Keep Your Device Passworded and Screen Locked

Keep-Your-Device-Passworded-and-Screen-Locked - top-5-tips-to-secure-your-android-device

Screen Lock on Android Phones

Not many people realizes this but due to several tasks at hand they often leave their handsets stranded which in turn can unfortunately be attended by someone else under their absence. This at times can develop a very dangerous situations as well if your Android device got into wrong hands.

Therefore, you should use the password and screen lock feature (if in your handset) to make your Android device completely secure in case you have left it somewhere else while being busy in other tasks. This will certainly prevents the misuse of your Android device in all cases and protects the confidential private info of yours without a shadow of a doubt.

Always Review Feedbacks of the Apps on Google Play

One of the most important tip I want to tell you about among my collection of top 5 tips to secure your Android device is this one: Reviewing the feedbacks of apps found on Google Play store. Why I am emphasizing on this one a lot? Let me cure your curiosity. First of all, the feedback the apps receive by their users on Google Play is important to describe you in brief about how good the application is, how did it work on users devices, and what was its behavior in general of working on a device.

Although, I do agree that reviews for apps could be purchased and made personally in positive or negative forms on the web by hiring people to do this job, but then I argue that if an application has reviews and feedbacks in hundreds or probably thousands in quantity, the majority of them or all might not be purchased ones because it will cost the creator more than making an app so what’s logical in it? Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with the reviews section alone, another thing you can do based on your rational thinking is to judge the applications access policy into your device while about to download it.

Applications asks your permission to access your info in the device before it downloads so let’s say if you are downloading a car racing game and it asks you to allow it access to your “Phonebook”, you might argue with reason that what a car racing game needs to do with your device’s phonebook? Or similarly you are downloading a simple MP3 player app into your phone but it asks you to give access to your “Messages” and why you should not hung your head into your both hands and reason, “What messages needs to do with an MP3 player?” Therefore, by such reasoning in your mind you can ultimately safeguard your Android device from possible exploitations a lot without the use of any security application.

Secure Your Data by Turning off Location-Tracking

Geo-location tracking is a feature that comes within Android devices and when it is on your location can be tracked down with details of your activity as well online. This option is however a one with that does need a lot of debate on whether to use or not as both have their pros and cons but, for the time being, let us consider disabling it until we get to know fully about it so we can make a good decision afterwards.

Location tracking can not only be tracked via authority satellites but also there are various other harmful influences out there that might try to track down your location/activity and could bring you a considerable amount of distress. Therefore, until you know fully about the pros and cons and understands how and in what way Geo-location will affect you I prefer you should disable it in your device for safety of your precious data.

Disable Wi-Fi Auto Connect

My last pick among the top 5 tips to secure your Android device but one very useful as well: Disabling Wi-Fi auto connect brings to you marvelous benefits of safety and security no matter wherever you are (especially in travel). The problem with open and auto connection of a Wi-Fi is that it might connect to various unsecured hosts where your privacy would be at full stack. This evidently happens most while you are in travel and going from places to places where different open Wi-Fi connections are available with little to no security.

Such place is actually the paradise for hackers, scammers, and phishing attackers to reveal or steal your highly confidential info such as bank or credit card information. Therefore, be sure to disable Wi-Fi auto connect option while you are in travel especially so that may avoid being a victim of a cybercrime. Only prefer using a validly secure connection even if you have to pay for it.

So, do you think these top 5 tips to secure your Android device are beneficial or bogus? Apply or disregard them at your will and then you will finally get to know the best answer for the above question.

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