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Securing Google Chrome for Safe Browsing

Web is the most used technology today in the world where almost every second person in the entire population of Earth uses it. Therefore, this makes web browsers one of the most downloaded software’s on Earth and among them the most widely used browser is the Google Chrome by the search engine giant Google. Obviously, when the usage is this much high, there are also various online criminals as well for attacking a specific program that has the largest users in the world. So today we will discuss about securing Google Chrome with safe browsing which is possible by following up an easy method.

By securing Google Chrome, you can easily protect your precious data such as your web history, filled up online forms, passwords, and all other important information that you have either saved or transfer by using Google Chrome over the web. Every day there are almost 156 million or more phishing emails circulation is started by several cyber criminals and among those 156 million mails at least 8 million spammy links got through spam filters and clicked by around 80,000 people ending up in identity thefts, credit card frauds, personal information hacked or leaked, and many other cyber-crimes. So, if you use Google Chrome it is better to follow some tips below to secure Google Chrome and browse safely without any fear of being caught in a scam.

Step to secure Google Chrome with safe browsing

• In the first place, download and install the latest version of Google Chrome based on the OS you are using (e. g. Windows or Mac).

• After installing Google Chrome go to Google store and install ‘Simple Startup Password’ app from there. You can install the app by clicking on ‘Add to Chrome’ button on the right top corner of the window.

• After the installation is done, the app will ask you to setup a password.

• Enter the password of your choice and hit the save button.

• All done! Now when every time you start surfing the web in Google Chrome, it will ask for the password you set so that you can now browse securely on the web.

So, by doing the above method you will be able to secure Google Chrome that you are using on your system and could surf the web in total safety against any kind of phishing attackers. The procedures is really simple and would take up to a maximum of 2-4 minutes from you and then you will enjoy a secure and safe web access. Try it now and let us know how was your experience?

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