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Setting Up Cortana In Windows 10 (For non-eligible users as well)

The excitement of a new version of Windows – Windows 10 – is on its peak right now and the whole buzz is surrounding about the many new features Microsoft has introduced in it. Among those exciting and amazing new features, there is one which is taking the interest of all the users alike: Microsoft’s Cortana is the novel feature that works as your personal assistant in Windows 10 by receiving voice commands from your end. However, the biggest drawback so far with Cortana is that it is available only in USA, UK, France, China, Spain, Italy and Germany. However, Microsoft is soon planning to bring Cortana assistance to several other countries like India, Japan, Australia, Canada, and later on to Mexico and Brazil. So, for all those who are currently in Cortana-eligible countries (and those too who are not yet eligible), let us take you on a tutorial ride for setting up Cortana in Windows 10.

setting-up-cortana-in-windows 10

Microsoft Cortana

First, Setting Up Cortana in Windows 10 in Non-Eligible Country or Region

For those where Cortana is not yet available: don’t fret out or become sad, I’ll tell you a quick way for setting up Cortana in Windows 10 in your region. First, go to your start menu and look for “Region and Language Settings”, select and open it.

Now, open “Time and Language settings” and choose “United States” as your country. After this, select “Speech” option from the left pane and set your language as “English (United States)” and in case you are not a native English speaker (which is a high chance) you can tick on the box below that says “Recognize non-native accents for this Language”. All done now! Cortana will accept your commands and speak to you by understanding your voice commands. This is the only method for setting up Cortana in Windows 10 in a non-eligible country.

Setting up Cortana in Windows 10 (With Standard Configuring)

After you have activated Cortana in a non-eligible region by doing the steps in the above section of this article, or if you are in an eligible region and wants to setup Cortana for your use, you need to click on the search bar that appears next to the “Start” button. This will open up Cortana assistant; you can now click on the “Next” button in Cortana. Remember that Microsoft Cortana is a female assistant, so just you know :).

If somehow Cortana is hidden, you can easily show it by right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing “Show Cortana Icon”. An integral part of setting up Cortana in Windows 10 is accepting the privacy terms and agreement between you and Microsoft. Without accepting it, you cannot use Cortana in Windows. After accepting the terms & conditions, you can now proceed further by typing your name in the Cortana with which she will address you and then click on “Next” button. You can change the name anytime you like if you feel the need later on.

One thing is also important in setting up Cortana in Windows 10 is that you need to log into your Microsoft account or switch to it from your local Windows 10 account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account then you should create one at once. Although, Microsoft Cortana will also initiate the process of switching account from local to Microsoft’s one and assuming you already have one, you only need to enter your password and Microsoft Live ID to go forward.

In case you have enabled two-step authentication for your Windows Live account, Cortana will ask you for your mobile number to send the code in order to verify it. So, enter your cell number and after receiving the code via SMS or call enter it in Cortana and press the “Next” button. Now you are all set to switch from your local Windows 10 account to your Microsoft Live ID by pressing the “Switch” button.

Now your Microsoft Cortana assistant is enabled in Windows 10 and you can simply start to use it by pressing the little “mic” icon on the bottom right side of the Cortana search box, or even by simply pressing the “Win + C” keyboard shortcut. Additionally, you can start your Cortana assistant by saying “Hey Cortana” into the microphone. However, you need to first enable voice command in the settings to be able to do that. Simply open Cortana’s notebook and choose “settings”. Now, look for and toggle the option for “let Cortana respond to Hey Cortana”.

Now it happens that there would be many Microphones which are not compatible with the very new Microsoft Cortana, in this case she will automatically start the “Set up your mic” wizard and you can choose select to start setting up Cortana in Windows 10 for voice commands. Following the launch of the wizard, you will see a couple of sentences in the Cortana screen and you will need to speak those sentences into your microphone to let Cortana configure your microphone’s best settings to use with Cortana. In the end, Cortana will fully understand the voice command you have spoken through your Microphone if it is working fine and ends setting up best settings for your Microphone.

From now on you only have to say “hey Cortana” or press “Win + C” from your keyboard to launch Cortana because we have finished with setting up Cortana in Windows 10. A short brief I would like to give in the end for Cortana settings so you may also get it to use and behave in future the way you like. You can set the Cortana’s to-do and not-to-do settings from its Notebook option. The book contains lots of categories with each category having its own set of several options to choose from. So, this is how setting up Cortana in Windows 10 is all about. I hope this tutorial will let you set Cortana easily and to let you enjoy Microsoft’s latest technology enigma right on your device.

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