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Setting Up Picasa With Google+

Some years back, Picasa was a big name when it comes to management of your images, now the Picasa web album is out of the business for handsets particularly. It’s Google +, who took control of the matters efficiently these days. Though, Mac and Desktop are still the places available for you to use Picasa Web Album to upload your images onto Google+.

Picasa is so simple and well-organized web album; it’s doing magic for you even today; you can manage your images through Picasa to upload them onto Google+ finally with using your PC. Though, Flicker is also roaming around! But, for its complicated image uploading procedure and its unavailability to organize image on PC, it’s mostly out of the business, while Picasa still there to do the tricks for you and in a rather efficient way as well. In our today’s write up for Setting up Picasa with Google+, in the lines below we describe the step by step method to set up a Google+ images in collaboration of Picasa, also, setting up of a Picasa account itself even.

Visit http://picasa.google.com./, to download and install Picasa onto your device. To download, you need to tap on Download Picasa link, a dialogue box will appear on the display of your PC, with the inquiry to download or run the program. Tap on run the program, this way following the downloading of the program; it will by design begin its installation on your device. The users of Mac and Windows both can download the software onto their devices.


Picasa Integration With Google+

Before triggering Picasa, visit My Document > My Picture folder, here you will store all your images, it’s the place Picasa starts observing your images. If you have a great size of image box, and it needs an extended time to move! You then go to Picasa and ask to store the image reserve on other places even.

In continuation to our trick for Setting up Picasa with Google+, launch the Picasa. Following its loading, a dialogue prompt will display that requests you to scan the whole device data or to scan My Docs, My Pictures, and the Desktop. Select the scan my pictures, my docs and my desktop, as selecting a “Whole Device Data”, means you’re asking for trouble, as it needs to scan lots of junk images stored here and there, all over the places on your device, it needs a considerable time to scan!

Allow a time a bit to it for all your image evaluation process, during the process you can observe a load of folders on the left of your device display; those are the names of storing places, as soon you will tap anyone of it! All the images uploaded on the right side of the display as a thumbnail. This is the place you can save all your images by month, a year or else.

Note: to update the date on Picasa, right-click the folder and select Edit Description, here you can set the date along with adding the location as well.

In continuation to our trick for Setting up Picasa with Google+, following loading all the images, click any one of the folders displayed on the left box of the screen, the folder will be highlighted in addition to carrying all the images saved in it. Just right click the folder and search the Upload to Google + Photos. Following the click, it will ask you for your login details, good enough if you already have your Google account otherwise generate a fresh one by tapping the sign in option, to proceed further.

Following a login, a dialogue prompt will be displayed that asking for the header of the album with some other details. Most of it is self-explanatory, but leave the setting for Upload Setting to the default of Best for Sharing. If you would like to offer a back for your images then select the “Original”.

In continuation to our trick for Setting up Picasa with Google+, you have done the job, now the Google + is your new option to display your Picasa album, you can share your images with your Google + sphere. If you can’t add anything, then it will be your private album. Tap on Upload to effectively upload your album to Google + images from your Picasa account.

To See Your Images Through Google Plus, Do the Following Procedure:

Visit the https://plus.google.com/photos.

Note: from time to time, Google + alter its offers, by last year, they have extended 15GB of free space in Gmail, Google Drive, and Google + images, in addition to an extended space for images that have lesser resolution than 2048 X 2048. So all those share hungry users, you can enjoy an unlimited free of cost space on all three apps in relation to restricted image resolution.

In continuation to our trick for Setting up Picasa With Google+, for normal uploading in access of 15GB in all the three apps! You need to acquire some paid space. The paid service starts from $2/month only for 100GB, while for 1TB you need to pay $10/month only, and so on so forth. To see their latest package plans, you may visit, https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2375123?hl=en.

In this write-up, we have described the ways with using Picasa you can use Google + and upload your images there. Picasa will offer you some other enticing features as well, along with image sharing options with using Google + images.

In all, we can say that Picasa is a worthy place to visit and create an album there, for sound storage of your precious images. Nevertheless, Picasa is a handy editing tool even; you can use it to edit your images as per your wish. It’s inspiring software, if you own a Google account, and not involved with other image supportive services such as Flicker; Picasa is a great place for you to do your image business.

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