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Steps To Setup Or Deactivate Windows 10 Automatic Updates

It’s been some time now since the very latest operating system from Microsoft has hit the shelves on the stores and electronic devices such as PC’s, Laptops, and Windows mobiles in the form of free upgrade from Microsoft. Like it was anticipated, Microsoft has made numerous changes in the working of Windows and there was a reason to it which was to cover the damage done by previous Windows 8. Although, Windows 10 has so far shined high on the sky since those few who are using it right now has been showing positive reactions to this version. But some pre-configured features in Windows 10 such as automatic updates, which uses your bandwidth to download and deliver them, is a bit of an invasion by Microsoft without asking for it. However, fear not as I will relate to you the procedure with which you can setup or deactivate Windows 10 automatic updates easily and or configure it the way you like. So here we go!

Ways To Setup Or Deactivate Windows 10 Automatic Updates


Microsoft Windows 10

Setting Up Download Notification Service

This is one of the best feature that any software can simply provide you, a notification that tells you prior to downloading updates that they are about to install. This way you have the convenience to finish what you were doing or decide whether or not you are ready to receive the updates now or not. By enabling this feature in Windows 10 you will always be notified first when there are updates available for your system. Here’s you do it:

  • Press “Win Key + R” on your keyboard and in the opened run box type “gpedit.msc”.
  • Windows Group Policy window will be opened now.
  • Head to the “Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Updates”.
  • Now in the left pane double click on “Configure Automatic Update Policy”.
  • A new window named as “Configure Automatic Updates” will be opened where you will alter Windows 10 update policies. Select “Enabled” in this window on a radio button. Additionally select “Notify for download and notify for install”.
  • Finally click “OK” to save your alterations.

Now restart your system and Windows 10 will always notify you prior to install or download any updates. Isn’t this an easy way among the tips to setup or deactivate Windows 10 automatic updates?

Scheduling A Restart On Your Preference

It might be an irksome thing that is pre-configured in Windows 10 which forces it to always restart after downloading or installing updates into your system. Consider you are working on something important and the system suddenly stops it to restart, annoying isn’t it? Well, in these tips to setup or deactivate Windows 10 automatic updates you can actually schedule a restart for your system on the time which you would like with convenience. So, here are the ways with which you can setup automatic updates to behave this way.

  • Click on Notification icon in the taskbar and choose “All settings”.
  • Windows 10 setting panel will now be opened where you need to select “Update and Security” option. On the left opened pane choose “Windows Update”. On the right side you will see “Advanced Options”, click on it as well.
  • In the advanced option box and under “Choose how updates are installed”, choose “notify to schedule restart” and you are done.

Disabling Windows 10 Automatic Updates

The final way in the tips to setup or deactivate Windows 10 automatic updates is to cleanly shut them updates down. You can do this Windows 10 in a very specific way but it is highly recommended not to because system updates are crucial to the stability and reliability of your Windows 10. Anyhow, if you still do not like to get updates, here’s what you need to do:

  • Click open Settings from the Action Center of Windows. Choose “Network and Internet” from the options there.
  • Locate your connection and then choose “Advanced options” on it.
  • In the advanced options turn on “Metered connection” feature.

This will completely disable Windows 10 from downloading updates. So, I hope these few tips to setup or deactivate Windows 10 automatic updates have helped you to achieve what you were looking for. In any case if you have any feedback to share, please share it with me on the comments section.

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