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Top Sites For Amazing And Free MP3 Downloads

Audio files can range from lectures to music. More often than not, when people refer to mp3, they are usually looking to download a song or album. However, paying money every time you want access to a great song can get tiring and leave your wallet feeling a little starved. Instead of bleeding your bank account dry, here are some awesome sites that can please your ear buds and your budget.

1. Epitonic.comepictonic-download free mp3 songs

Epitonic, dubbed “The Center of Sound”, is probably one of the most updated and sophisticated free music systems that are on this list. In addition to downloading and listening to songs, you can also read all of the featured articles that Epitonic creates based on trending artists and music styles. This site also offers reviews and previews of artists and songs so you can decide what to download. As it maintains regular and frequent updates, Epitonic is an ideal spot for many underground music lovers to find their favorite genres and artists.

An interesting feature to this site is that it also offers you a chance to create an account and save your favorite music on to your own personal playlist. Once you create an account and build your playlist, you can share it on a variety of social media sites.

2. MP3skull.worldmp3skull Download free

This site is very simple and concise as it has only two major features and offers an almost complete collection of music to visitors and music goers. If you know the band name, song, or album that you are trying to find, using MP3Skull’s search bar can be a quick and easy way to access your music. However, if you are in the mood for searching around and seeing what other bands have to offer, MP3Skull also offers a “top download” section where it shows the most popular songs that have been downloaded.

In addition to its simplicity, MP3SKULL also offers various versions of a song in many different quality formats. In order to choose the correct music and quality for you, MP3Skull also allows listeners to hear the song before downloading it.

3. Seekasong.comseekasong free downloads

SeekaSong is a very unique website and is designed much like a forum you’d find online. It’s an awesome site as it provides top charts from different countries. This site makes it easy to see trends, find top rated music, and search around for new artists to listen to. SeekaSong will also allow you to search and download full albums. It will also allow you to bookmark certain audio files that you like and wish to download later. Navigation through SeekaSong is also very easy and it also offers a lyrical archive you can use to search songs better based off of the lyrics.

4. MP3 Basemp3base

Although MP3 Base is relatively new to the rogue music scene, it’s easy navigation system and versatile song base makes it a top pick among many music lovers. As genres like rap and pop continue to flourish in modern society, access to these types of songs and albums become increasingly easier. But, what about more “underground” music that can’t even be found on the radio? A great music site for mp3 downloads will almost always cater to the needs and wants of different types of music goers. Luckily, this site offers many different genres of music from many different artists.

MP3 Base is an amazing site for ringtones and songs as it has a plethora of music available. Groups such as Deerhunter and Tame Impala are as easy to find as mainstream artists such as Hozier and Taylor Swift. MP3 Base also has three subsections located on the homepage to make finding the top music easier. On the homepage you can find the sections, “top songs, top albums, and top artists” which makes finding the perfect song for you, a lot easier.

5. Beemp3s.orgbee_mp3

The new version of BeeMP3s is almost like a hybrid child between MP3Skull and MP3Base. While it is simple and easy to use, much like MP3Skull, it also has divided sub sections for top songs and top artists. BeeMP3s also allows its users to search bands and artists by alphabetical order or by genre. This ability to search by genre makes it easier to find new and interesting bands in a genre you might like. As well as providing all these awesome features, BeeMP3s also offers different versions and qualities of songs that you can choose which is best suited to your tastes

6. Emp3world.bizemp3world Free mp3 files

For all music fanatics, this is an awesome site that is easy to navigate and has a pretty unique feature. For those looking to get a quick music fix, Emp3world offers a multitude of different music and styles ideal for playlists or ringtones. In addition to a search bar, Emp3world also provides a list of their most downloaded songs and a list of their most recent updates; which is always changing since they update so frequently.

Finding free, top songs on this site shouldn’t be a problem as it has a library of many songs and albums fit for anybody’s preference. The thing that makes this site stand out among the others is that it provides enlightening and up-to-date details. Before you download any song or album, you can also learn more about the group or artist through Emp3world’s detail section.

7. Mp3raid.bizmp3raid Download

This site surely deserves some praise as it continues to expand its already expansive music library. This site is one of the few that offers music and sub genres in different languages. So, if you’re into say Russian music, well you can find plenty of that on here. While MP3Raid is not typically a first choice for many music fans, it does provide umpteen of different songs and audio files. They even have audio files from Seth McFarland’s show “Family Guy”! While it might seem a little complicated at first glance, MP3Raid is a great site for mainstream and subculture music and audio files.


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