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Top Software To Create WiFi Hotspot On Windows 8.1/8/7 PC/Laptop

While major tech leaders around the globe are making their effort to make sure that the internet reaches everyone, you also should start making an effort that every Wi-Fi enabled device at your home or office is getting a proper internet. One way of doing that is to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot around the area you mostly spend your day and night and it will make sure that all your internet capable devices get the connection.

In order to achieve that you either have to buy a Wi-Fi router which can create the hotspot connection on its own or you can do that right from your computer or laptop. Yes, it is possible for you to use the Wi-Fi hotspot facility available in your primary gadget and share the internet available.

But, for that to happen, you need to first make sure that the technology responsible for this is available in your computing device either desktop or laptop. You need to check the hardware and then make sure that the drivers are updated or of latest version. Once you are sure of it then you can proceed to the next part.

Next part is that your system should have access to an internet connection with at least 1mbps or higher speed. If the speed is not good then sharing the same internet won’t help much because none of your devices will be getting a better connectivity. So, this is the next thing you need to accomplish.

At last, you need to have a software that will help you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot connection on Windows PC or laptop. And that’s what I am sharing over here i.e. the best software to make Wi-Fi hotspot on Windows 8.1/8/7 PC/laptop.

#1 MyPublicWiFi

This is the free software that offers a simple interface, which looks little basic, but it does the work it is developed for. You can get it without paying any fee and the complete version of the application gets installed after you follow its couple of steps based installation process.


Start the software and once you put in the name and key details of the connection you wish to create, the work is done from your side. Give the software few seconds, and it will make the hotspot running, using the internet connection your system is primarily connected to.

#2 Connectify Hotspot Pro

I had already reviewed this software over here and you can check my detailed guide on how to use Connectify Hotspot Pro software for creating a simple Wi-Fi hotspot connection. The software comes in the premium state only, but you can, of course, get trial usage for few initial days. Later, once you are sure that this is the software you should be using, then you can opt for its premium version.

It is developed by a known software development company and it is 100% legit. You won’t find any issues while using it. Many of my friends are using it since months and I can guarantee a happy trip for you in any condition which favors the requirements of this software.

Also, it is easy to use and its setup process takes no longer than 5 minutes (that’s maximum). Once setup is over, creating a connection takes just a minute. You need to enter name and password details and clicking on the Start button will begin the connection. Awesome, right?

#3 Virtual Router


Last but not the least, this one is another free option which you can give a try. I recommend using this one at last, if above two are not working at your end due to any strange reasons. It is simple to use and comes without any price tag. Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot connection is just a few steps work.

Over to you

These three are the best Wi-Fi hotspot creation software available for Windows platform and I hope you find at least one of them as your favorite. Do let me know about your choice and the exact reason why you pick that one.

You can, of course, share this guide using our social sharing little buttons as it will help update knowledge of all your friends. I am hoping that you did find my compilation as helpful. I will appreciate your thoughts on it and in case of any assistance on the related matter, write it down in the discussion section and I will come up with a solution as soon as possible. Peace.

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