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Some Useful Google Play Store Tips

Like the case with Android OS, Google Play store also has been upgraded over the years in order to become more secure and useful for the users of Android devices. The Google play store of today is something quite intelligent, productive, useful, and a brilliant online store to facilitate Android users globally with a lot of amount of applications of different variant to serve the needs of the users. Therefore, here I present to you some useful Google Play store tips that will help you to make the most out of it in a pleasing and convenient way.

Refund if the app is not of your taste

One very great feature in using Google Play store is the option of refunding for an app in case if it won’t get up to your expectations. The option of “Returning” an app can easily be availed within a limited time period of course that is of approx. 2 hours nonetheless.

The option of refunding an app is very easy in Google Play Store, all you had to do is to go to Google Play under the limit of 2 hours after purchase, select my apps, locate the app you purchased there and look for the “refund” button aside the standard “open” button on the app. Tap on it and follow the on-screen instructions to get your refund.

Track your Android device right from your computer

This is without a doubt one of the most useful Google Play store tips you can utilize for your device’s security. In case you have been theft off your phone or have lost it somewhere you can use Google Play store to track down your device, remove, ring, or even lock up your phone.

To do any of these options you need to go to the top right side of your screen and tap on gear icon, click on Android Device Manager and accept their terms. Now you will see your device on Google Maps with the option to ring, delete, or lock the device. However, be aware that you can only use the lock or delete option when you have also enabled these features on your phone.

Deactivate update notifications

With the latest updates in Google Play store, you can now deactivate an update notification which often irritates a user when being notified again and again too many times (as was the case with previous versions of Google Play). To deactivate go to Google Play store settings and simply uncheck the notification option for apps. Now you won’t receive any notification call at all.

Install every app right from your desktop

Like it’s easier to explore Google Play store from your mobile – it is even more comfortable from your desktop – in case you are just exploring without any specific purpose. The greatest convenience in exploring Google Play on your PC is that if you like something while searching Google Play you can directly install that thing right on your phone without even connecting your phone to your PC. However, to do that you need to be logged in your Google account that is synced with your phone. So, have fun using Google Play in a broader screen.

And these were some of the most useful Google Play store tips that you can enjoy for now – off course I’ll be updating more in future – . Remember that Google’s vision is to provide the most user-friendly and affordable experience to users worldwide so keep a watch out for frequent Google updates as released.

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