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These are our sponsors, without whose help might not exist, and with whose help we continue to serve.  By so doing, they demonstrate their commitment to a helthy and safe online environment for us all.  The more help we get, the better we can serve our users.  Please visit our sponsors and thank them for their contributions.

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What else can I say? It sure feels good to be home! The folks at C I Host have gone out of their way to accommodate SurfSafely. Please join me in expressing gratitude for their enormous generosity.

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Despite the fact that Rackspace pulled the plug on their support for, without their previous generosity of and famous Fanatical Support, would not be what it is today. In fact, it might not even be at all. We will always be thankful for their help.

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We would also like to give thanks to other organizations and institutions who have given special consideration to by way of cross promotion and high visibility links at their related web sites.


ICRA – The Internet Content Rating Association is an independent, non-profit organization with offices in Europe and the US. ICRA owns and operates the ICRA labelling system, and its RSACi forerunner.

SafeSurfSafeSurf – America’s most widely accepted labeling standard.

SIFKaL – The central objective of the S.I.F.K.aL. project is to elaborate and disseminate information and recommendations about the educational and socially relevant possibilities of the Internet in multilingual and in different formats.

SaferInternet – The Safer Internet Action Plan promoting safety on the Internet is the European Union’s response to tackling the controversial issue of illegal, harmful and racist content on the Internet.


Safety Surf – SafetySurf is the Internet’s oldest and leading source of software for parents. All products are available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD with 100% Security!