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Steps To Verify Your Facebook Profile/Page

Recently, Facebook launched a feature to confirm the verification process of profile or pages, being a FB user we must have to create our profile page and in some cases, individuals prefer to create multiple FB profile pages using single name even. You may also come across a number of profile pages of a public figure, celebrity or business, using similar names on Facebook, that’s why FB come up with solutions to clear the concerned discrepancies of same name FB accounts to identify the verified profile page, leaving rest of the same name FB accounts with unofficial page status. So, here are some steps to verify your Facebook Profile/Page to be the official authority of your online presence.verify page

The verification process confirms the status of the page once and for all; no one can mislead you for the same name unofficial page again. However, Facebook’s criteria of verification are based on popularity of the pages indicated by the daily visits, a tricky issue indeed as it depends on luck to a certain extent that original profile page might lay behind against an unofficial page using similar name. Unless until the celebrity is really famous one, or brand, celebrity, or famous personality gives some regular time on the page to interact with its followers.

Now it’s hard for fake pages to get verified status as its mandatory for the pages to get authorization from brand, celebrity or public figure prior to use their names. There are two ways of authentication or verification in our today’s write-up of steps to verify your Facebook Profile/Page. We will describe both these methods in detail in the lines below to clear the concept so this helps you greatly to recognize the original profile page of any individual or brand.

What is Verified Profile Page?

When Facebook allows a verified status to any profile or page, a blue tick badge appears next to the name of the page or profile like this one:

Facebook Permits only four types of Pages as a Verified Profile Page:

  • The pages belongs to celebrities
  • Pages belongs to Journalists
  • Government Officials pages
  • Famous Brand pages

Above mentioned categories are included in Facebook’s verified page status, the criteria once again is a popularity of the page determined by daily/weekly traffic on the page. FB allows the officially verified status to all those pages provided the page can display an official authorization letter from the celebrity or brand, it’s called an automatic verification process.

The Automatic Verified Page

Therefore, if you claim to be an official representative of the page and it also falls in any one of above mentioned categories, then it’s likely to get an automatic verified page status from FB’s end. You need to tweak a bit on your profile to get this status automatically:

  • The page must officially be corresponded to your local Brand, or any celebrity with certain following on Facebook.

Tips to Keep in Mind

This method described in our steps to verify your Facebook Profile/Page, you need to fill up certain details regarding your profile or page. If you feed your comprehensive and updated details than usually Facebook automatically track you to likely place in a verified category. However, here are some major tips to keep in mind:

  • Always link your page or profile to official Website.
  • Fill the “About Page” of your Business with most updated details, with a comprehensive introduction of your business. While filling the details consider the following aspects for clarity.
  • The “Key Word” that describes your business, e-mail address of the business, website name and address, artifacts and confirmed page site, along with other necessary information’s.

In the lines above we mentioned a basic criteria of getting a verified profile/page status on Facebook. We have already described that not the details, its potential page visits that determine the verified status mostly. So, for submission process of any page or profile for verified status, you should wait around 40 to 50 days to get the expected confirmation from Facebook’s end.

Manual Verification

It’s the 2nd method from the steps to verify your Facebook Profile/Page guideline which helps you to acquire a verified status of your Facebook page or profile through manual procedure. As we discussed earlier that Facebook recently updated its verification feature, now you can apply for verification badge for a proposed page or profile manually as well. They have created a request form to slash all fake FB accounts to save visitors from any potential cheating. Well, here is the manual steps to verify your Facebook Profile/Page:

  • You need to apply for verification on the prescribed form by visiting the Facebook verification form page and opening it. Open the form from suggested page or profile account you ask for verification, either it’s your own page or profile, or if you represent a celebrity.
  • If you represent any celebrity than with selecting the proposed page and ID proof, submit the authorization letter from the celebrity with the proposed form to Facebook.
  • Currently FB permit celebrities and public figures to involve the verification process manually, businesses and websites are declined to request manually.
  • Facebook will send a verification email within 48 hrs of receiving your request for verification on prescribed form.
  • If still something lacks, please visit this link for further guidance, Submit Facebook Page Request For Verification.

We believe our guide for the steps to verify your Facebook Profile/Page will be helpful for you to get the verified status for your own page or a page of someone you’re representing, automatically or through manual procedure. We appreciate your comments in this regard; your comments help us to improve our tips & tricks for your and other user’s convenience by and large.


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