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Stream Xbox Games On Windows 10

You might be able to just gulp down the fact that your version of Windows does not have a “Start Menu” (Windows 8 case) but imagining a Windows without games or gaming support is a strictly No, No! Is it? Well, I can now safely assume that Microsoft has learned from their previous mistake of not including our best good old buddy “Start Menu” in Windows 8 so it is a moral obligation on us to stop criticizing Microsoft for this mistake in 2015, especially when Windows 10 comes as the return of the “Start Menu”. However, coming back to my focal point which is the games and gaming support in Windows 10, today I will tell you in a very easy and short way for how to stream Xbox games on Windows 10 on your PC, so let us proceed with that.

stream-Xbox-games-on-Windows 10

Xbox On Windows 10

Important Note to Stream Xbox Games on Windows 10

An important reminder prior to actually using this feature in Windows 10 is that to stream Xbox games on Windows 10 you need to be connected with your local network as it won’t work on any other alternatives then that. So if you are connected to your local network then let’s get started as we are about to stream Xbox games on Windows 10.

To stream Xbox games on Windows 10 you also need to ensure that your Xbox is connected to Wi-Fi or any other wired connection. Crucially, both of your Windows 10 and Xbox One should be updated with the most recent updates in order to successfully connect and stream games to the OS so if you have missed any update recently, just check for the recent ones, update you’re both platforms, and then begin to stream the game on Xbox to Windows 10.

Steps to Stream Xbox Games on Windows 10

First of all, do connect your Xbox One controller to your PC through USB. Windows 10 will now install Xbox Controller drivers so be patient; after the installation is done, you need to launch the Xbox app in Windows 10, sign in to your Xbox account or sign up for one if you don’t have any as of yet.

After you logged in, you should see an option saying “Connect” at the left side of your screen and normally you should click on it in case you don’t have any other agenda at that time. Select Xbox One or whatever Xbox device you are using from the list to connect and then click on “Test Streaming”. Windows will now evaluate the speed of your internet connection and based on that will give you a report in the end about the upcoming velocity of your stream.

If the speed meets the minimum requirements, you should click on “Stream” option and wait until your Xbox is connected to your PC. After a few minutes, it will probably connected and you are now ready to stream Xbox games on Windows 10.

It’s all that much easy and straightforward. However there is one little glitch as of now and it is that you cannot play Xbox streamed games on Windows 10 with your mouse or keyboard in current times until Microsoft releases an update to resolve this issue. So, let’s wait and watch and enjoy from the Xbox controller as of now.

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