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Because links presented here may or may not be ICRA or SafeSurf labeled, they have been carefully screened and included for their relevance to online safety.

Child Advocacy organizations and parental resources
Getnetwize – Parental resources and collection of child safety tools.
McGruff the Crime Dog – Child identification, fingerprinting, internet safety, senior safety
Ribbon of Promise – The National Campaign to End School Violence. Folks
like you and I uniting under one cause, giving much more than lip service.
Childrens Parthership
Proactive Parenting
Childnet International – Based in London, Childnet works around the world to promote children’s interest in international communications.
Chat Danger – Explores the dangers of anonymous chat. Sponsored by Childnet.
Net Parents
Safe Kids – Superb site by Lawrence Magid.
Safe Teens – Also by Lawrence Magid.
Cyber-Stand for Children – Safety, Education and Entertainment Ideas for Children on the Internet.
Family Research Council
Report-It – Annonymous reporting for incidents of weapons, drugs and violence in schools.
Cyber Tipline – to report incidences involving child sexual exploitation online.
Main Street Mom – “The magazine for Modern Mothers with Traditional Values.”
Kids Like Ours – A full range of parenting and child rearing tips and resources. – “Resources and information to make parenting rewarding, effective and fun!”
PC Parents – National educational outreach program aimed at helping parents to better understand computing and the Internet. Sponsored by Intel. magazine – In this free webzine you will find an abundance of family time activities, crafts and recipes for kids, educational and parenting articles, ideas for your kitchen & home and much more.
Government resources
FBI Library, A parents guide to Internet safety – A basic introduction, English and Spanish.
Filter software reviews and info:
Bluehighways – The Internet Filter Assessment Project
Family PC
Neosoft – Parental Control Product Review – Details on the PICS labeling system.
ZD-Net – Filter software review, grid comparisons.
Organizations dedicated to stamping out Spam
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) – A useful private site.
Email client vendors
Qualcomm – Eudora
Microsoft – Outlook Express
Netscape – Messenger (Part of Communicator)
Third party filter software vendors
Filter software
Cybersitter – by Solid Oak Software
Net Nanny – by Net Nanny Ltd.
Cyber Patrol – by Micro Systems Software. Earns our Highest endorsement for filtering!
Surfwatch – by JSB Software Technologies
Surf Monkey – Haven’t tried it but looks good if it lives up to it’s claims.
We-Blocker – by We-Web corp. Freeware.
Monitoring software
Chatminder – Compiles transcripts of everything sent from and received to your computer.
Very, VERY powerful. Can also be used in conjunction with other filters and online services.
Spector 2.1 – Monitoring program that invisibly takes full screen snapshots of all activity on your computer for later playback. Highly rated by ZDnet, CNet and others.
Secure Access Timer – from Buffalo Software Inc. Timer software to restrict access to certain programs, and/or set time limits for their use. For more info, visit the link above or
Browser vendors
Netscape – Navigator (Part of Communicator)
Microsoft – Internet Explorer
NCSA – Mosaic (Good but highly outdated. Last release Jan, 1997!)
Opera Software – Opera (The new kid on the block)
FTP Client vendors
Ipswitch – WS_FTP (Windows)
Dartmouth College – Fetch (Macintosh)
RSACi – Recreational Software Advisory Council, internet
PICS – Platform for Internet Content Selection specifications
RSA Data Security
Connecticut General Assembly – Keep up with the status of bills being voted on.
Parents Guide to the Internet – By the U.S. Department of Education. Basic intro.
Family Friendly Internet Service Providers – (Gone.) Major cities nationwide and parts of Canada too. Worth a look.
Integrity Online – Based in Cleveland with nationwide access.
Internet4Families – Emphasis on Christian values. Nationwide and Canada. – (Gone) From the folks who brought you (Also gone) – (Gone.) Prefiltered Internet Service Provider. Nationwide.
Fishnet Online – Based in Long Island, NY, nationwide dial-up and Canada.
EIS-Global – Featuring the BAIRtm filtering system. Elmira, NY. Nationwide access. – Lexington, SC, Nationwide access, competitive pricing.
Fun places to visit.
Surf Monkey – Wholesome portal to other material as well as their own free filter mechanism – A perfect example of a family using the web for wholesome fun. – Small band, big dreams, having fun.
Good Stuff for Kids – Brought to you by Probably the best single point
of reference for safe web sites I have found.
American Library Association – Who better to ask for resource information? – Interesting site focused at creating family online micro communities.
Educational sites
Reading Link by Bob Tiltman – Boost your child’s reading and spelling by using Reading Link’s on-line interactive reading and spelling programme. You can try our free,