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Clever new ebay phishing scheme

Phishing scam warning!

Ebay exploited again in clever phishing scheme.

Do you use ebay? I do (and no, I’m not telling you my ebay identity). Because I am among many millions of users, that makes us more prone to this type of scam than most. What I just received today is easily the most clever phishing scheme I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s an email offering a $20 reward for taking a brief survey, pointing to a very respectable looking domain, one that might belong to a legitimate 3rd party survey company, survey-reward.org. DON’T BELIEVE IT! After getting you involved in the process by answering 6 questions on page one, the next page asks for ebay login password and user name, credit card numbers and ATM PIN. The premise is they need it to deposit into your account. The reality is you can expect immediate withdrawals!

If this was a legitimate offer and you are a registered ebay user, ebay would not have to ask you for password or credit card information. They already have it on file. And they will NEVER ask you for an ATM PIN. Period!

Clue #2: It was mailed to “Undisclosed recipients”. Ebay will always send email to your current account on file with them. Looking at the detailed header information, the actual address they used is one I have seeded with the spamming community at large. Anything sent to this address is most assured to be some form of spam or scam.

What concerned me the most, though, is when I tried to trace the location of the domain name. Every time I ran the trace it resolved to different IP addresses, most belonging to computers of home users just like you! What this means is the phisher has used a network of spyware infested drone computers to launch his campaign with. The only way to shut it down is through the domain registrar who will hopefully also report what they know about the owner to the FBI, or worse, Microsoft! They take a dim view of thugs who help to discredit their reputation and have begun taking on phishers, spammers and scammers head on. Good for you Bill! Please keep it up!

I’m still planning a review of the new Trend Micro Internet Security 2006. Honest I am. Look for this first part of February, followed closely by a review of a new free web filter product made by BlueCoat called K9 Web Protection. These are good people with a mission to serve others, as opposed to what we’ve become used to – people with a mission to serve themselves.

Be safe.

Mark Brasche

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Very briefly

There’s been quite a few new updates to many of the programs listed below lately, especially anti-spyware programs. If you read the warning above you’ll appreciate how important it is to keep them as up to date as your Anti-virus software and operating system.

Of the AV products below, pick yours and make sure you’re current. Of the AS products below, use them all. Really!

And if you’re an AOL subscriber prone to believe the hype of their new commercials promising ironclad protection by just one click, don’t believe that either. 90% of all of my Safe-PC.net clients that I call on to fix their sick computers use AOL, have all the protection turned on and still become infested with spyware and malware. Why? Because even the most powerful software is no match for fooling a user into typing the wrong keystrokes or clicking the wrong button. Education is the key and that’s what I hope you’re getting here.

Computer virus watch.

Some really nasty new bugs are circulating out there that only require you to view an infected image, either on a web page or in an email, made possible courtesy of Microsoft who incorporated a mechanism to link program execution with an image, making it convenient for developers to tie events such as the playing of music or sounds with an image view. Trouble is hackers found it to be an easy mark for their exploits too. Thanks, Bill. Really like that nice little “feature.”

Some of these new bugs even target your AV software specifically, rendering it useless and allowing your computer to be used to infect others. Nuff said.

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