Chapter 1…IntroductionThe good, the bad and the uglyChapter 2…How did they do that?The wolf in sheeps clothing
E-mail Spamming.
“Chat” rooms
Web sites and personal home pages.
Web based e-mail.
Real fellons.
Remove lists?
What can be done?Chapter 3… The risks and the rewardsRules of the Road for Parents
Kids Rules for Online SafetyChapter 4…Getting startedThe Windows networking environment
Setting up for multiple users
Setting individual user privilegesChapter 5…Dial-Up NetworkingChapter 6…Selecting your browserChapter 7…Configuring Microsoft Internet ExplorerSetting/changing passwords
Setting/changing viewable content
Upgrading the filter to include SafeSurf
Other security considerationsChapter 8…Configuring NetscapeCreating multiple user profiles
Setting/changing user passwords
Setting/changing viewable content
Plus, full configuration instructions for e-mail clients and third
party filters. Heading off spam, online resources and much more.
18 Chapters in all, 174 pages. A must have on the bookshelf of
any parent with Internet access.