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Learn To Sync iPhone/Android With Windows 10

This article of mine today is actually and specifically geared towards those users who are already enjoying the next version of Windows on their devices – Windows 10 – and it is about telling you all there is to sync iPhone/Android with Windows 10. Microsoft has just released their latest version of Windows on the 29th of the previous month and it is gradually rolling out to billions of devices worldwide. It is indeed normal to believe that most of the Windows users were either using Android or an iPhone as their mini-computer and communication gadget, with a storage of lots of personal things as well.

Thankfully, Microsoft has already installed “Windows 10 Phone Companion App” as one of the core services of Windows 10 by default which is meant to help Windows users to easily sync and keep data updated between their phones and Windows platform. It is indeed a novel welcoming approach taken by Microsoft which would surely be able to serve their users at per like Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Windows phone companion app is able to guide you through several steps easily that will make syncing your Android or iPhone with your Windows just a matter of few clicks.

The major goal of Windows phone companion app is to actually identify and help in installing Microsoft’s mobile apps and services in your mobile and to make them configurable easily. Windows phone companion services and applications are as follows:

  • Skype
  • Microsoft Outlook for mobile
  • Microsoft OneNote (mobile edition)
  • Automatic backup facility of your photos on Microsoft’s cloud storage OneDrive
  • Microsoft Office for mobile with PowerPoint, Excel, and Word

There two additional services to be launched are labeled as “coming soon.” These services are the song streaming stored in your OneDrive via your Windows and the much anticipated Microsoft Cortana assistant for mobile phones.

How to sync iPhone/Android with Windows 10

To use Windows phone companion assistant and to sync iPhone/Android with Windows 10 you need to be signed in your official Windows account. You can use any Windows services to sign in such as Outlook, Hotmail, Windows live, Xbox, etc. The application will now require you to download OneDrive app on your mobile phone, but if you already have it on your smartphone you can skip this step comfortably.

In case you decide to automatically upload files and photos to OneDrive you can then do it by clicking on photo’s link in the left sidebar on the OneDrive’s website. If you have more than one device synced on your OneDrive account, it will store all your pics in a one concrete place and tags them automatically by using what is called an image recognition technology.

For those people who connect their tablets or Android phones using a USB cable, Windows 10 will recognize their device by its model name and the battery power status. It will additionally links your device to a Window where you can actually transfer files by using Windows File Explorer or Windows Photos App. Although, it is not obligatory on you to use the application in order to move your files from your PC to your connected device but it certainly helps and recommended for all non-technical users because it is a wizard that guides you in step-by-step procedure of moving.

To actually sync data between your iPhone and Windows 10 through USB cable, the windows phone companion app does not show much information at hand like it shows for an Android device. For iPhones, Windows only shows the storage capacity in the phone plain and simple. However, you can still use the same Windows photos and file explorer in order to comfortably sync your data between both channels.

So, in this ways you can actually sync iPhone/Android with Windows 10 conveniently without having to use any third party software’s. The Windows phone companion app surely seems to be a promising service that comers with other remarkable features of Windows 10 and it will likely play a major in making a strong and easier connection between PC’s and other hand-held devices.

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