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8 Best Text Messaging Apps For Android Mobile

Paying your carrier to send an SMS message is fast becoming outdated. Even if your mobile phone network offers bundled or limitless SMS and MMS messages, you’ll find that business associates and online trading contacts (especially on Gumtree) will request that you use Whatsapp or another free messaging alternative to communicate with them. Here’s our collection of the 8 best text-messaging applications for android devices in 2016.


This is essentially the SMS application that comes with your android phone as standard. In most builds it’s bloatware and you can’t delete it. Messaging connects automatically to your phone carrier and you’ll need credit to use it. Some android devices and some launchers are able to record the time each message was originally sent, even if your phone was turned off at a festival all week. That can be pretty handy but it’s confusing to locate this spec when you’re choosing Android builds and/or phones. Still a great and nigh bug-free messaging service and not to be overlooked.

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Google Messengergoogle messenger

Google Messenger employs the best and simplest functions of Google Hangouts, without the unnecessary bells and whistles. It offers a pleasantly designed interface and the method of sending messages is quite straightforward. Fully supports you photographs and sound files too.

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MySMSMy SMS Messenger

This app is compatible with Mac and Windows devices –including tablets and laptop/desktops- in addition to your Android phone. MySMS ranks highly because you can save and export various messages or conversations, and it also integrates with some other great programs like Dropbox, Evernote, and even Google Drive. As with the first two apps, MySMS fully supports MMS. 

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Whatsapp has achieved the network effect across Europe and to a lesser extent the US, making it a necessary app for anyone dealing with students or online classifieds listings on a regular basis. With such a large user-base, the Whatsapp creators don’t tolerate bugs for too long, and the design and functionality are improved fairly regularly.

Whatsapp allows you to set up a group message or hold a conference chat, send videos, and even share your location. It is available across a range of smartphone brands: Android, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and even Symbian. This means that you can stay in contact with all your friends across a multitude of platforms without needing to parcel off your contacts list into different segments.

The founders of Whatsapp spent a combined 20 years working over at Yahoo! and walked away from that experience determined not to create just another ‘ad clearinghouse’. They describe advertising as a disruption of aesthetics, an insult to your intelligence, and the interruption of your train of thought. They also mention that any company with advertising as its primary source of revenue diverts human resources to gather and sell your data more effectively, rather than make a more effective product. Because of this stance, Whatsapp is not free and users pay a download fee. However, all messages are completely free, unlimited, and the enormous user-base of Whatsapp proves that a huge portion of smartphone users believe it offers a service worth paying for. Don’t think of it as ‘paid-app’ versus ‘free app’, ask yourself whether you’d rather pay with a few dollars or with constant discomfort and inconvenience caused by advertisements and knowing that companies are data-mining you. 

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QKSMS offers stellar design and graphics, along with a range of smart tools that enable you to do things like sort all your conversations into topics. You can switch the app to nighttime mode, search all messages, schedule messages in advance, and customize the app to suit you. The basic QKSMS is free but the Pro version will cost you USD$1.99 as an in-app purchase. This gives you access to a wider range of coloring options and some promoted features. 

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Hoverchat is definitely aiming for social media style ease-of-use and friendly graphical interface. All new messages automatically create a pop-up window over whichever application you happen to be using, ensuring you never have to miss a message again. Thus the name Hoverchat. The pop-up windows function very much the same as pop-ups from Facebook messenger – you can either tap the bubble to respond immediately, or drag the window to collapse it and respond to it later. Your notice bar will automatically keep track of unanswered Hoverchat messages and you can get on top of them at your convenience.

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The Hi SMS app uses a sleek, minimalist design that is a pleasure to use. There’s a thoroughly useful but very clean tab to the left which you can swipe out to view your contacts’ names and profile images, while the current message appears in the main scrolling window of the app. Switching between conversations is easy and Hi SMS allows you to easily keep track of friends who use multiple numbers. A functional app with beautiful design. 

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This app was designed to mimic Google+, with a neat interface modeled on the latest Android OS releases. The vivid orange default skin of the app is striking, but you can choose from a wide range of extra themes to customize the app to your liking. EvolveSMS’s navigating and swiping functions are well made.

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All of these apps bar the first offer a free way to send messages and keep in contact with your friends, family and associates. You should absolutely download and install one or more of these if an artistic design is important to you, or if you frequently have to go for periods of time without having credit on your phone. Free text messages aside, many of these apps offer a more useful and efficient text messenger service. Others you might just download because you’ve got a group of peers who are all using them.

My SMS is a standout in this list because you can message your friends’ devices even if you’re temporarily without a smartphone – say yours has gone missing or is in for repairs. Just install My SMS and you can easily keep in touch.

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