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The Top OS for Pentesting or Hacking

Hacking or Pentesting has always been a major part in the development-cycle of any application, network, or program. Ethical hackers worldwide uses different techniques and best practices with their experience and skills in breaking up or finding a loophole in any software, network, or application during its creation. This is done in order to ensure that the program or network they are creating should withstand even the most brutal of unethical hacking attacks that are lurking openly today on the web. Therefore, if you are a security analyst or IT professional in your company, today we will be telling you the Top OS for Pentesting or Hacking that are available today in the market. So let’s begin.

The list of Top OS for Pentesting or Hacking

BackBox Linux

The BackBox is a Linux-supported penetration testing OS based on Ubuntu. On BackBox, you can perform a variety of tasks that includes several highly technical security evaluation and penetration tests. The OS is highly regarded by professional ethical hackers and security professionals for its rapid-process technology, great interface options, and a complete desktop format work. Another great benefit which professionals found convenient is its stable upgrading technology which constantly updates the latest tools and utilities to make the evaluation process more efficient than ever.

Kali Linux

Considered to be among the top OS for Pentesting or Hacking, Kali Linux provides one of the most advanced methodologies to perform penetration assessments. A recommended environment for every professional security individual, Kali Linux assists in driving several techniques to evaluate security policies in-depth and to penetrate as furthest as the programmer can dig. Kali Linux is often considered by many as the ultimate ethical hacking toolbox an IT professional could need with over 300 different tools combined in just a single disc.

Samurai Web Testing Framework

Samurai web assessment framework is sentient Linux atmosphere that is already configured for deep Pentesting of web-based activity. In a single disc of Samurai web assessment kit you will get lots of free and open source utilities that will prove beneficial for ethical hackers. All the software’s and Samurai itself proves one of ablest security testing OS for the professionals.

NodeZero Linux

NodeZero Linux is another complete toolbox for security testers and is among the top OS for Pentesting or Hacking. Because Pentesting and hacking requires quite expert skills, NodeZero Linux has been created keeping this aspect in mind. One can use NodeZero as a live environment OS for Pentesting and the operations it comes integrated with completely supports the ideology of ethical hacking which a professional wants.

BackTrack 5r3

BackTrack 5r3 consist vast years of development behind its core services which are Pentesting and exploiting security loopholes. The earliest days of BackTrack 5r3 consist of active Linux distributions such as IWHAX, Auditor, and Whoppix. At the time BackTrack was created initially, it was built as an all-in-one Pentesting and security auditing OS for ethical hackers to evaluate several products and services. Since its inception, BackTrack 5r3 has enjoyed a wide acceptance as a genuine Pentesting OS among various ethical hackers around the world. Such was the story of BackTrack 5r3’s evolution in the hacking world.

So, above mentioned are the top OS for Pentesting or Hacking in an ethical way and by using them, a security or an IT professional might well evaluate or point out security flaws in various software’s, networks, websites, and other data-based programs. Using these topmost OS for ethical hacking would greatly aids in your security campaign and make it a worthy experience with valid results to make your applications and networks much better for your users.

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