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These Are The Five Best Strategy Games For Android

What is the best exercise for your brain as well as being fun at the same time? Many people will say strategy games is the answer to this and they have good reason to say this because while you are creating strategical moves your Brain thinks hard in various ways and the rewards of accomplishing a mission holds a fun of its own kind. Therefore, today I am introducing you to the five best strategy games for Android which you can play easily and conveniently on your phone, and they are tremendously awesome! You can have my word on this. Let’s begin are countdown now.

Kingdom Rush


If you are a fan of medieval mystics like evil wizards, trolls, orcas, and others off the kind, then Kingdom Rush should be the best strategical Android game for you to play. Developed by the Ironhide Studios, Kingdom Rush is a game in which you have to build towers strategically in the pathways of your enemies (mentioned in the first sentence of the para) to protect your Kingdom being demolished or captured by them. Additionally, you can bombard your enemies and create barracks in which you can train your own soldiers and send them after your enemies to slow down their progress. The game is filled with various customization options and other features which you simply can’t resist to enjoy. Above all it’s free, so download, build, and protect your own land against evil intruders.

Clash of Clans

One of the most highly rated and popular strategical franchise on Android platform, Clash of Clans provides you an environment where you build your own village as strongly protected as you can by upgrading the buildings or training your army to defend or attack others in sufficient manner. In Clash of Clans there are various parts of your village which you can protect such as wizard tower, mortars, archer tower and others.

The unique feature in Clash of Clans is that you can either team up with other neighboring clans or simply fight against them to become the vital authority in the land. The game follows an instant “Draw and deploy” infrastructure with various other options to customize the real-time gameplay in a full retina display. You will definitely enjoy this game if you are a fan of multi-strategical games. The game is free to download and play.

Battle Glory

A free game that I recommend among the five best strategy games for Android, Battle Glory is quite similar to Clash of Clans but is set in a modern world where you have tanks, modern buildings, troops, fighter planes and lots of similar military things. In Battle Glory you will play as the commander of your post while you will create one of your own.

You will develop war weapons, train your troops, and several other war activities. You will be fighting with enemy posts as well you have the freedom to attack and conquer posts around the globe who are unaware of your presence and pledge your control over them, a very famous American way of colonization in modern world, so yes the game will be a suburb for those who likes this ideology.

Boom Beach

Like the name suggests, Boom Beach is a game where you will strategically bombard enemies off your coast in hiding in barracks, towers, and a-likes while creating your own army to find with modern weaponry and techniques. A free strategy game presented by the celebrated developers of the famous Clash of Clans, you can upgrade your territory, troops, weapons, buildings, and even make alliance with other players online to conquer lands. All through your experience in this island-based strategical game you will find many territories to defend and treasures to build up your economy. This game is completely a free franchise for Android users.

X-War: Clash of Zombies

This game is based on the same old but famous Zombie apocalyptic battle in the world where mutants (you) will fight against the hordes of Zombies to defend your bases. As you gain more and more success and cross levels, you will be open to upgrade your troops and weaponry to defend zombie attack in a more efficient way. Plus, you have such famous heroes by your side in the game such as Iron Man,
Hawkeye, Kirov, and several other (Wow! Isn’t it?).

Make alliance with other major leagues in the game to defend your territory against evil zombies and play with your friends online in coop mode to win great rewards. So, in case you are a fan of SI-Fi zombie thrillers then X-War: Clash of Zombie is for you.

OK! My list is done with these five best strategy games for Android and it might be quite common that you have played these games before, or if not, in both cases you will certainly not regret to download and install these games and this I can guarantee to you.

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