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Best Online Tools To Unzip Files and Decompress Archives

Zip files are everywhere. We find them part of our software, movies, or any other data files. This is the best possible way of creating archives of files and folders and keeping them securely as a single entity. You need to be doubly sure while downloading zip files, as you might get malware or viruses packed within the same.

Today’s task at your end, is the one that you wish to find the best online tools to uni files and decompress archives. Go ahead and check the compilation down here, and I promise to offer the best online zip tools available for everyone.

Before you move ahead, you need to be aware of the fact, that WinRar software, is available without any price tag, and it is very light in weight. It can get installed within a minute, and then can be used to quickly zip or unzip files.

Best Online Tools to Unzip Files and Decompress Archives

If WinRar isn’t the one you’re looking for, and, rather, want the online tool only, then following are the ones, you should have a look at.

#1 WobZip

This is the tool which covers almost every known zip format, covering dozens of them. This clearly means, that there is no way this tool will take you down, at the time of need. It looks simple, and is very easy to use. Most importantly, it allows uploading files of maximum size 200MB.


Simply, access the tool, click on Browse button to select the zip file and it will be uploaded instantly. Once its uploaded, after few seconds, you’ll have all the files unzipped or decompressed.

Visit WobZip

#2 B1 Online Archiver

This tool doesn’t requires you to download or install anything at all, i.e., exactly the one you’re looking for. You can easily upload the files, and the moment they are uploaded completely, they all will be decompressed instantly. The only bad thing in this tool, is that it doesn’t support all the formats available throughout the internet, but its simplicity still makes it a champion. If you’re worried about privacy of the files you uploaded, then you’re also offered a link to quickly delete them from the servers.

Visit B1 Online Archiver Online

#3 Unzip Online

This is the simplest looking web tool, which straightly comes at the task. You need to upload the zipped file, and the moment it gets uploaded, you’ll have the files unzipped and available at your screen, instantly. Now, you can pick which ones to download or grab them all. The maximum file size allowed for the uploading, is 200MB.

Visit Unzip Online

#4 Zoho Docs

As you can expect from its name, it offers an Office product services, but also allows you to decompress files online for free. So, if you’re looking for additional productive tools, then Zoho is the one you should be looking at.


Visit Zoho Docs

#5 EzyZip

If you’re looking to do both things, i.e., compression and decompression, then EzyZip is the one you should be interested in. Go ahead, and use this free to use tool, and you can go both ways. Yes, it is simple to use, and processes just like any of the above ones.

Visit EzyZip Online

Over to you

So, finally which one you’re moving ahead with? If you have one which I missed and deserve to be shared with all our readers and followers, then name it in the discussion section and I’ll definitely add it. Peace.

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