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Top 5 Gmail Plugins You Would Like To Use

Emailing has to be the most used part of every professional circle as it is also backed up by the etiquettes of professionalism. And when it comes to email, few email services could compete with the brilliant Gmail, a product of the internet giant Google. Gmail enjoys a popularity and huge favoritism amongst internet mail users globally. Although, the service is already packed with some brilliant features and several options but the plugins about which I am going to tell you (as these are the top 5 Gmail plugins) has almost become a must have extension with Gmail. Therefore, let’s find out about the top 5 Gmail plugins.

Batched Inbox

A busy professional’s email is also a very busy platform like him/her. What most happens is that you need to keep an extra tab in your browser open to know when you get the latest mail from someone. However, not all working environments might support you to keep in touch like this with your email. Batched Inbox comes right here to your aid when it stores all of your received emails and send them to your inbox at your own designated time. This gives you inconvenience to view your emails at the most feasible time you want to.


Like its name suggests pretty cleanly, Todoist is a great plugin for those Gmail users who likes to utilize To-do-list a lot of times within their Gmail. Todoist plugin enables the Gmail users to create more real-time plans based on current actions in their day’s job. You can create tasks, fill deadlines notifications, setup priorities by different category, and a lot more right in your Gmail account with this great plugin. For managing several tasks in one go with brilliant interface as well, Todoist has been ranked among the top 5 Gmail plugins.


If you require that you’re Gmail and your business joins in a healthy partnership together then Mailflo is the answer for you. With Mailflo plugin at your service you can both administer your emails while at the same time could offer your clients/consumers support as well. Right from your inbox you can both administer your mail and several customer tasks you have assigned to your team with their progress, management, and status of tasks conveniently. You can also use templates within Mailflo to use as a contact sender to several clients at one time. Surely, Mailflo is a worthy plugin for any businessman.

Follow Up

Probably the best among the top 5 Gmail plugins, Follow Up is more like a junk cleaning agent which only keeps the most important messages in your inbox and filters the rest of the junk, say, spam. Plus, use it to create your reminders and setting up schedules to send emails to important contacts. Setting up and using Follow Up is very simple. However, the only glitch is that you need to pay after a 30-day trial to use the plugin services.


When a person receives or sends a lot of emails to, well, pretty much the same-named contacts then there are a good number of chances of sending duplicate messages to the same person continuously. To prevent you from making this duplication mistake again and again, install the Scrubly plugin for your Gmail.

Especially if you are a professional that handles hundreds or even thousands of emails in a day, Scrubly lets you spot out the duplicate contacts so that you can be sure of sending emails to the right contacts. Although, the plugin is free for basic services but if you really like to dig down in this great plugin’s abilities (which is one of the best in top 5 Gmail plugins) you can check out some of their premium plans as well.

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