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Top 3 Antivirus Scanning Sites

Smartphone security is a key to every mobile user. Even after updates, features, or any other form of activity that connects with the internet, the need to defend one’s device from web-based malice’s is the uppermost demand by any user. How to improve security of the device is the question you most often hear people asking from the tech gurus. Well, the answer is simply to install an Anti-Virus software on any device you have. However, the fact is true that not many people are able to actually buy a software due to its cost and often left unguarded in the process. For those, here I am introducing top 3 antivirus scanning sites that are specifically geared towards Android users and a free alternative as well.

These anti-virus scanning sites have invented and introduced some efficient Anti-virus software’s that help your phone to stay free from any potential cyber-attack and improve its performance significantly as well. How to choose a right anti-virus software is complex matter as the sites mostly come up with some falls claims as well. But the sites I have included in this guide will offers you most updated anti-virus software’s that help your Android system a great deal and the best of all these sites offer their services without any cost either. So let’s read about the top 3 antivirus scanning sites for Android users.

Virus Total


Virus Total

The first of our top 3 antivirus scanning sites is Virus Total, a security website that is ranked very highly in Android community for its anti-virus services. They offer some top notch features for the safety & enhanced performance of your Android handset. Virus Total covers from URL, files, and hash domain to IP scanning facility, they offer tremendously extensive diversity of resources, that’s why they’re a number 1 choice of Android users.

Virus Total is meant to offer complete security to your Android. The procedure thoroughly washes out your device from any bugs whatsoever. Their scanning speed is up to the mark, leaving the consideration of the size of file, and the speed of upload itself as well. Also if your Net speed is not up to the mark, then nothing Virus Total can do for you to boost up the speed of your device.


Anubis is also a very good alternative when it comes to check for viruses in your Android. Although, the site may seem like a medieval manuscript, still they are very good at their business of cleaning Smartphones for any possible infections and is gladly considered to be in the top 3 antivirus scanning sites for Android. They offer scanning options for URL and files, and they provide protection for Windows “exe” files and Android.apkfiles. An added small downside of its capacity is to clear memory up to 8MB as well. While Virus Total cleans up 128MB in a single session, whereas Metascan overlapping even Virus Total with its capacity of cleans the memory up to 140MB.

Though URL scanning can be done without any restriction they have another downside as well and that is their painful slow speed of scanning. It’s puzzling for someone who desires for an instant scan but best of all is they scan thoroughly and comprehensively. Perhaps for majority of users it could be a too much in-depth scanning site, but let’s give them a time to improve as their scanning quality is extremely good.


Last and most efficient site in my pick of top 3 antivirus scanning sites is Metascan. They are most popular because of their famous plugin integration with Google Chrome. Here all up-loaded files are matched with current admissions, it makes the scan a cross- referenced one in comparison to remaining lot that ensure a safe file only.



Although, they are not vary from other web sites in the identical range with a lack of URL scanning but make up for it with IP scanning and site is the main beneficiary of it. They also support hash scanning as well. It’s a bit of compromising affair but still a matchless service compare to other available software’s in the market.

So, I believe that these top 3 antivirus scanning sites will worth the scanning of your Android device and they will provide a complete protection and enhanced performance to your smartphone and even PC files with a completely free of cost solution.

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