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Top Five Facts About Windows 10 You Need To Know Before It’s Release

Microsoft is the company to which we were acquainted on a global scale for the first time way back in 1998 when they released their first global hit “Windows 98”, in what has become a series of legendary standard operating system for all types of PC’s afterwards. Although, the real predecessor of the current Windows interface was Windows 95 but it was not so fortunate to grab the world’s attention as Windows 98 did to make Microsoft a household name. However, for some the break comes with Windows XP as well, which was undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of the company after Windows 98 itself. Anyways, after a good 17 years (and during this period there were some disappointments too) Microsoft is again on the hype of anticipation as it’s about to release the very latest Windows 10 on the 29th of this month. So here I am going to tell you the top five facts about Windows 10 prior to its release in an effort to cure your curiosity behind this OS.

The Return of the Start Menu

Boy, did fans miss the start menu severely after the launch of Windows 8! In fact, this has proven to be an ill-fated decision for the makers of Windows to not keeping the old start menu in Windows 8, which was as fiercely criticized and disliked by the users of Windows worldwide as the developers put hard work to create Windows 8. But it seems the days of criticism will come to a halt since it is announced that the same mistake shall not be redo in the making of Windows 10 which is bringing back the old start menu buddy along with it, a move heavily appreciated by the global fan base.


The Start Menu in Windows 10

Although, this time there will be some little tweaks in the start menu as you will be able to hop along your files and programs like you used to do in Windows 7 and or previous versions but the additional space in the start menu will show “Windows app store” with pin boards in it as well which you can click to head right to your favorite spots on the web. All in all, users of Windows will certainly like this old but newly designed start menu on all costs, as boosted by the Microsoft itself. Now, let me guess about what is the second important fact to share with you in my top five facts about Windows 10 …. Oh yes! Here it is now.

Windows 10: The most unexpected name

It was clearly reported in the leading tech site “The Verge” that after the release of Windows 8, the nominal choice was to have the next version named as Windows 9 or there were some other names suggested as well. But Windows 10 comes highly unexpected and decided right in the final stages of development. The names that were suggested were: Windows TH, Windows X, Windows Threshold, or even simply Windows. However, the most votes came in favor of Windows 10 and because of why? To know read the following fact among the top five facts about Windows 10.

Microsoft skipped Windows 9


Windows 9 Logo

After the release of Windows 8.1 the normal feeling out there was that the next version will undoubtedly be Windows 9, according to all leading tech outlets. However, it must have been comes as a bit of surprise to them as well as many common folks too that the next version of the OS will be known as Windows 10. The company had skipped Windows 9 in favor of Windows 10 in order to rehabilitate a couple of damages done by Windows 8 and 8.1 and the surprised leap will get the audience and experts a shooting curiosity alike.

Windows 10 will be frequently upgraded

As reported by several leading tech authority sites, Microsoft has planned to release frequent updates regularly to the core system files of Windows 10 rather than releasing a whole new major upgrade at once annually. I believe it means that Windows 10 is here to stay longer than other OS titles ever released by the company thus far, hah? Well, believe it or not it is among the top five facts about Windows 10 as of yet.

The largest supportive Windows ever

That’s right! Microsoft has said that Windows 10 will be having the largest support for a variety of platforms and devices ever combined in any previous Windows. In an official statement by the Windows development chief at Microsoft, Terry Myerson, has said:


Terry Myerson, Windows Chief at Microsoft.

“The software, expected to be released in final form next year, is designed to run across the broadest array of devices, with screens ranging from four inches to 80 inches, with some devices having no screens at all. Windows 10 will be our most comprehensive platform ever.”
Source: Heavy.com

So, these were some of my collected top five facts about Windows 10 which I feel inclined to share with my readers before that fateful date of 29th July arrives. Oh! And another final word is that whatever may be the hype or buzz surrounding this latest version of Windows, after all it’s worth trying what Microsoft has offered us this time. So, reserve your upgrade of free Windows 10 copy on your genuine Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, for one year and if you like it then purchase the final product.

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