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Top Free Android Travel Apps For Smartphone Users

Traveling is by far the most enjoyable exercise or a thing that people mostly likes to do. Since the time immemorial, men has liked to travel and with this very same passion has lead him to explore every corner of the Earth gradually. However, today’s men does not need to be toiled by several difficulties that has ravaged mankind in the earlier days of traveling largely because of the convenience that has been provided to us by modern technology. Therefore, for those who travels a lot in this technological era and also are the users of Android OS, here I present some top free Android travel apps which will benefit them a lot during their exploration here and there. Let’s find out about those cool apps then.


Officially a web based service known as Laterooms.com, there Android app for booking hotel rooms in case of late arrival on destinations provides a great assistance to their users. The service is one of the most competitive and edgy with ground-breaking data and a suburb Android app to give users a very friendly interface and data.

The app uses Google map service to give you exact locations of hotels and prices so that you will feel a real-time connection with the actual locations. Plus, Laterooms provide substantial packages that are cost-effective and worth taking if you really give importance to your holiday or business traveling. A must service to use for all travelers.

Google Maps

Yes you heard it right! Google Maps is not only for searching through countries or territories but it can also be used for locating hotels, resorts, beaches, and several other holiday spots within a place, with associated reviews and deals related to those places where you can book one for yourself directly. Google is constantly upgrading their mapping service so in future there are chances of several features being integrated more into it to make it the most outstanding and top free Android travel apps for every smartphone user.


Triplt is one of the most lovable top free Android travel apps that is a companion for most of the Android travelers. The app is a complete solution for all traveling requirements and does not forgets to bombard your inbox with every traveling plan essentials that you have chosen for yourself. You can keep and track your records for flights, car, train, hotels, and other necessary needs for your journey delivered right into your Triplt account where you can see and customize the changes as you deem fit. The app has both free and premium versions at the cost of $0.99. So make the most brilliant traveling plan with Triplt.


Loungebuddy is exactly like its name where other travelers use the platform to write about services and flights info of several airport lounges with which they have traveled. There are concrete reviews on Loungebuddy to guide travelers – like TripAdvisor – where you can see reviews of several airport lounges on the world’s busiest airports. There are also some pre-installed airline lounges for you to visit and book a seat if it suits your requirements easily. The app is creatively well designed with useful information and you will find it great to escape from any traveling obstacles.

So, these were some of the top free Android travel apps that will smooth your traveling plans as well as get you some desirable packages and info on great tourist attractions all around the world.

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