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Top Free Music Downloading Android Apps


Best Free Music Downloading Apps For Android Devices

It’s very alluring for most of the Android users to have diverse free apps for their handset to improve its performance, and if the apps relates to a quality of music listening! It’s a big plus for all music lovers indeed. Out of the lot, you have already experienced music apps such as Pandora, Spotify and Rdio, along with these there is YouTube always on the cards to amuse us with some superior quality music. Still it’s rather tempting for all music lovers to enjoy off line music through top quality free music apps; in the lines below we discuss some top free music downloading Android apps that enhance your listening pleasure off line even.

Top Free Music Downloading Android Apps

4 Shared Music

It’s another exceptional free music download app from our Top Free Music Downloading Android Apps. With approximately 6 million tracks, it also offers help to explore huge 4shared music file data base to select your top choice of music files, it automatically searches the exclusive MP3 music files as well. Your preferred search will by design be stored in a 15 GB 4shared cloud database, which enables you to enjoy your saved music file off line even. It also offers a felicity to accumulate your own melodies to the folder even.

It’s effortless to search classical, less famous tunes and out of the copyright songs through 4share music app. It has a rather conventional interface that supports the older versions of Android handsets OS as well.


This music app permits you to download and accumulate your preferred music numbers, and offline playbacks for enjoying them sometimes later on. It brings DJ-mix playlists for workout albums and lot more. It offers to match your heart rate to BPM, along with filter track duration to complement your workouts, you can auto adjust tunes to complement your workout with using myBeat feature of it. A dream come true for workout lovers who likes to enjoy music or pace it up with their workout plan.

Google Play Music

It’s yet another apex music app from our top free music downloading Android apps that allow users to download preferred music in their Android handsets and listen saved tunes off line later sometime. Usually Google Play Music is recognized as a top destination of music for Smartphones! However, it presents free tunes/songs, soundtracks on regular basis for downloads as well. Google Play Music is also a music player in its own right.

Advanced Download Manager

This superb music app allows you to download three music files at the same time that includes MP3 and MP3 music files. Advanced Download Manager offers you number of ways to customized your file downloads, like reducing download pace that helps you to download your preferred music without using extra Bandwidth with more than one track download facility at a time. You can download music files on fast pace using this superb music app even. Its bit tricky to trace your preferred music file through the in-app browser; however, once done, it’s effortless to download and save your preferred tune within no time and great efficiency.


The world is just a round ball where human beings go to anywhere in seconds through stroking finger tips over the keyboards of their laptops, computers and in Android handsets. If you like a different test and particularly an Arabic one! This app is meant for you to do the business with touch of class, it’s the last in the list of our top free music downloading Android apps.

The producers of this app came with the thought to grab the Middle Eastern music market, but elsewhere in Arabian music listener circle it’s as famous as in Middle East. This is a free music app with a little downside of ads; but it’s still precious for those who love Arabic music to download and listen as per their convenience later on.

We believe this write up will works for all the music hungry individuals who love to enjoy offline music. Please input your feedback on our comments section, it will help to improve our future posts to satisfy your concerned desires.

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