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Top Torrent websites in 2016

Torrent sites can be one of the most useful portals on the web for millions of users around the world. You can download a majority of software’s, movies, apps for your phone, songs, images, and almost every other content from them that can only be obtained via paying but on torrent sites you will get them freely. During the past few years, the use of torrent websites has increased dramatically for the very same reason mentioned above and so we are enlisting here the top torrent websites in 2015 for you to download and enjoy various content from. Here are the top torrent websites in 2015:


One of the most popular torrent website: it is more like a torrent search engine in fact then a torrent site. Torrentz is an active service of torrent searching since many years on the web and is acting as a major torrent referee site on the web still. It has many visitors on the web because every torrent search you do on Google it gives you the results collected from the Torrentz. Surely, it continues as one of the top torrent websites in 2015.

Pirate Bay

Since many years, this website has continued to be the king in torrent world. Pirate Bay hosts a huge collection of torrents ranging from a variety of categories for you to download. Although, the site is also very vulnerable to various Trojan and malware attacks and has been much in the media for controversies.


Once prohibited in UK but then allowed 3 years beck, YIFY-Torrents has secured their place amongst the top torrent websites in 2015. Once was a very reserved site and known to very little circles, YIFY-Torrents has achieved popularity so rapidly that few sites can compare it this velocity of success.

Kickass Torrents

You probably have visited this site a many times if you frequently use torrent content. One of the most widely used site for torrents on the web today, Kickass torrents was founded beck in 2009 and has gained reputation among torrent hunters very fast. For a moment of time it was blocked in Italy and UK but then opened again and since become the best torrent site in UK. Kickass was originally opened on Kat.ph domain but later changed to Kickass.to.

1337x Torrents

1337x is also another very remarkable torrent site among the top torrent websites in 2015. It is a kind of torrent-based social network where users interact with others and upload/download various torrent content from the site. Unfortunately, this site has been blocked due to open content in various countries of the world.

RARBG Torrents

RARBG is a torrent service that is run from Bulgaria and is one of the very few torrent services that are allowed in UK. RARBG has some good torrent content on it but the site does not have such varieties as other torrent services has like Kickass or Pirate Bay. Anyways, it’s quite popular among the UK users.

EZTV Torrents

This torrent search engine (another like Torrentz but different in content) exclusively provides all the TV content such as seasonal shows and documentaries. The site’s ranking continuously gets affected due to the fact that traffic comes and goes during shows for different seasons as they are launched. However, EZTV torrents site remains good I service since its inception.


Created in retaliation to the very famous ISO image torrent service the Isohunt.com, which was ordained by a US court to be shut down, just a couple of months before. The website’s layout and database has been kept as similar to the former Isohunt.com so that the users of Isohunt.com comeback to enjoy the same content on isoHunt.to. And in this mission isoHunt.to has managed to be quite successful since they are getting millions of views a day, not bad for a site to be among the top torrent websites in 2015.

Bitsnoop Torrents

Bitsnoop is also a very large database of torrents which contains an approx. 21 million files in it. However, not many users go to see the site often but its database certainly makes it a major torrent site.

So, these were our picks for the top torrent websites in 2015, which one you use among these?


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