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Torch Browser: Where it is better than Google Chrome and Where Not?

Last week I decided to ditch the Google Chrome and start with something fresh. This gave me a chance to introduce myself with other web browsers in the industry which are all having their own pros and cons. I shifted to Chrome from Firefox, so I wasn’t in the mood to give that old one another chance. I wanted something new, and fresh.

So, Epic Privacy Browser, Safari, latest Internet Explorer and Torch Browser, were the chosen one and out of them, I can recommend Torch Browser to anyone. Safari works better on Mac platform, but it’s too slow when compared to the competition. Internet Explorer still looks weird and funny sometimes, I am still waiting to see how Sparta web browser works when Windows 10 comes out.


Epic Privacy Browser and Torch Browser were the only two qualified for my better trial. For some reasons, I kept both the browsers but first one is meant to be used when I want to go offline, i.e. surf the internet without leaving any tracks. It works as its name says. On the other hand, Torch Browser works better than that and offers more features. Although, it nowhere comes to privacy features offered by the Epic. Also, both browsers are based on Chromium source code.

So, here is my review of Torch Browser. This will give you an idea where it is better than Google Chrome and where not. Thus, you will come to know whether to try it out or leave your day with Chrome, just like you do at this moment.

Torch Browser Review

To start with, it comes with simple user interface. Especially, the one with which we are already familiar. Yes, it does look like Chrome in many ways and thus, it brings us a relief when we are just a beginner. Every setting and options is placed just at the right place and everything is well-labeled. Even if you didn’t read labels, then you can understand the meaning through icons.


If you download a lot of torrent files, then you are going to be pleased to know that Torch Browser comes with built-in download manager which is also capable of downloading the torrent files on its own. This helps in saving time and I never found any difference in downloading speed, comparing to torrent clients I have used in past.

Add-ons are there and so does the homepage section where you will find a speed dial, a collection of favorite or most visited websites. Bookmark, history, cache cleaner, etc., every common web browser feature is wrapped inside.


The additional features it offers are really doing the great work. Rest, it still happens to deliver the experience which Google Chrome is known for. Yes, it’s because of the same source code behind both web browsers.

The theme feature is fun using. It even allows to change theme and overall look of a particular website like Facebook. If you are bored out of using a Facebook in single (almost) looking theme then Torch Browser offers you a chance and relief too.

Download manager works great, but it never touches the scorecard of Internet Download Manager. The IDM is the number one download manager and I am pretty sure that it is going to stay that way, for longer.


User Interface was simple and there were not too many things to learn new. Due to inclusion of new features, it takes a second or two to get familiar with them but once you do, there is no stopping from you to understanding how things work and how you can utilize them for your own purpose.

Social sharing is also there with in-built simple buttons. It was really simple to share whatever I found interesting on to Facebook and Twitter. I was pleased to experience this feature because I never have to open the Facebook or Twitter again to share a story. It can be done with a single click! You can even select a content, drag it and social sharing options will be available instantly.

It also comes with a Music webpage of its own. You can access to that and listen to hundreds of music for free. Yes, you don’t need to pay for anything. I never listen to music on my computer, so this feature wasn’t useful to me.

Most of the setting options are similar to that of Google Chrome but due to the inclusion of additional feature and functionalities, there are extra settings. Getting used to of them and understanding how they work is pretty simple, thanks to the labels.


During my 5 days of using it for all my primary and work purposes, Torch Browser never failed in anything for a single time. There were few hiccups here and there, but nothing to be worried about seriously.

The only thing I found not working sometimes is the downloading feature. Torch Browser senses the media content which we can download from a webpage and it offers a link on top of that. Sometimes, this link doesn’t appear, even if the content was downloadable.

This is the only thing I didn’t like. The rest, it was hard for me to look for cons as there weren’t any. If you depend on too many add-ons in Chrome, then Torch Browser doesn’t offer a lot of them. Still, it covers most basic ones.

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Over to You

I will recommend Torch Browser to anyone who is looking to have additional features within the browsers and hate installing separate software or add-ons for them. If you want those additional features without learning any new browser to use, then begin using Torch Browser. It is smart, new and fun using. I am sure you are going to experience in the same way as I did. Peace.

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