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Tracking Your Lost Phone with Android Device Manager

Mobile phones today has become an essential part of our daily lives. We do not only use them simply as a calling device but as our overall task manager for several things. This includes but not limited to entertainment, work, to-do-list, notebook, diary, and various other things. Therefore, losing or having lost our phones comes as a big setback for us because in the device we even have our various confidential and important details saved which then can be misused in several damaging means to us. But thanks to the arrival of Google’s latest service known as Android device manager which is created in order to help those Android users who have lost their phones.

One of the remarkable feature of this brilliant service by Google is that you actually don’t have to install the app for it to track down your Android phone. The only requirement Google asks for your phone to be tracked properly by the Android device manager is that it should be connected with your Google account, GPS should be on, and it must have an active internet connection. While most users won’t use the SIM data connection for their Android phones because of the availability of Wi-Fi but on this point your SIM data connection may come handy when the phone needs to be tracked by Google because Wi-Fi is not available everywhere. Anyways, without further delay, let us read how we can be able to track or lost or stolen phone through Android device manager.

Steps To Track Your Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone Through Android Device Manager

First of all, you need to visit http://google.com/android/devicemanager from your web browser in case you have lost or your phone has been theft. Login in with the Google account which you have synced with your Android phone after which the service may ask your permission to utilize the location data of your phone. Here you will click “Accept” so that the service can track or locate your phone.

You should see a map pop up on your screen now including some info regarding your mobile phone. If you have enabled GPS on your Android phone then the current approx. location of your device will be displayed at once but if GPS is disabled then the location will show as unavailable. Therefore, it is better to turn on GPS in your phone right now while you safely have it (and I hope you always have it with you safely). Do not be afraid about your battery power being sucked because if GPS is on unless you use it actively every now and then just for fun.

Other great options you can access with Android device manager to secure your device if lost or stolen are locking your phone, ringing, or delete all data on it. I will describe to you in brief how these three options can be beneficial while you have lost your phone. First of all, with “Ringing” option you can actually set your phone to ring on its loudest even if it was silent when you had it. This is helpful in case you have lost your phone somewhere in the house or office.

The second is the “Lock” option by clicking which you can lock the screen of your phone by creating a new password for it. This is really helpful if your phone is stolen and you have precious data on it.
While you are contacting legal authorities to file your theft report, you can lock the screen of your phone for the time being to avoid any misusage. But if you don’t want to take any chances and is not sure about the skills of the thief in technology, you can erase all your data on the phone by clicking on “Erase” option. A pop message will confirm you about the action before you take it and once done it cannot be undo and hence your data will be deleted and device restarts.

However, there is a bit of early work required here to actually avail the lock and erase options from Android device manager. You need to enable them in your mobile phone in order to access them in case of trouble but if you have not done so and have lost your phone, I guess we’ll have to settle with tracking or ringing option only. But if thankfully your mobile is opt lost or stolen yet, then do it right now by going to Setting -> Security -> Device administrator.


Android Device Manager Menu Screen in Phone

Over there check on the boxes right next to Android device manager as shown in the screen below and finally tap to activate, that’s done! Also remember that while your phone is switched off none of the actions will take place but as soon as it will be turned on your phone will do requested operations.

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