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Turning Off Android Location Tracking Feature

Technology has both its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to bring a customer convenience and privacy concerns. Such an advantage from the technology can be of finding a nearby library through online maps or GPS service or any other place. But here is also a chance of some grave privacy concerns when such feature can be exploited or abused for wrong intentions. So, for those who are concerned with location tracking features’ abilities and disabilities, today I will tell you a method for turning off Android location tracking feature in your smartphone. But before you do so, I personally want to acquaint you with what location tracking in Android means and how it can be useful or dangerous (in some cases) for you.

Location Tracking In Android Smartphone

The moment you start your Android device for the very first time, it will request you whether you want to share your location or not (if internet is connected). In case you permit Google to access your location then it will automatically add your activities into your location history. This is done in case you would like to revisit what will become a sort of timeline of activities of yours for a certain geographical location on Google Maps.


Location Tracking In Android Smartphone

Like Google says that “location history will be helpful in providing important information” – like you can shuttle based on automatic predictions or receive better-quality search results – this will be done when you create private maps of the locations you have visited into your Android device. Well, since the map is a private feature then one may argue why bother turning off Android location tracking feature?

Hmm …. I never said you should but keeping in mind the uncomfortable feeling it gives to some folks of being tracked and then sometimes the dangers involved of on-location tracking while traveling, it is because of these concerns I am writing this guide to turning off Android location tracking feature for those who are uncomfortable with it.

Some Disadvantages Of Turning Off Android Location Tracking Feature

One of the very obvious disadvantage you will face after turning off your Android location tracking is that you’ll lose exclusive Google privileges on some of the apps that requires to know your favorite places in order to provide you specific services. However, there is an advantage too that turning off GPS will normally extend your phone’s battery life and could save you from other types of malice’s.

Steps For Turning Off Android Location Tracking Feature

You can stop tracking of your location in two ways: One is from your smartphone and the other from your computer. For stopping location tracking through computer, follow these steps below:

  • Open your Google account in your desktop browser.
  • Go to settings > Account history > Places you go > Manage Activity and click on ‘Pause Location History’ option.
  • A new pop-up window will open telling you what will be disabled and what not as well as how to remove your location history log.
  • That’s all! You’re done. Location tracking feature for your Google account will be off now.

Now, we will explore steps for turning off Android location tracking feature right from your Android smartphone. Here are the steps below:

  • Go to settings and scroll down to location in your smartphone’s menu.
  • Notice an off/on switch on the right top side of your screen. Use this switch to turn on or off location tracking feature.
  • Now tap on ‘Location’ and then ‘Google Location History’.
  • Again you will use a button of on/off on top right side to activate/deactivate location history feature.
  • You have successfully turned off Android location tracking feature now. However, if you additionally want to clean your ‘Location History’ log then tap on ‘Delete Location History’ just under location history option and your history of activities will then be completely removed. Keep in mind that this action cannot be undone though.

So, these were the methods of turning off Android location tracking feature for your Google account on Android handset. Since you have both read the pros and cons of using this feature, I believe you can now better understand whether you want to use it or not? It’s totally up to your discretion. Let us know in the comments section if you have anything to share with us about this article and or any other tips with us as we always appreciate the feedback of our valued readers.

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