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Unlocking Your Memory Card

You don’t want your phone memory to get into the wrong hands, so you set up a password on the memory card. It sounds perfectly logical, and it is. But there’s a problem or two you might have to navigate. You don’t exactly need to access the memory card in your phone every day, which makes it incredibly easy to forget the password. Maybe you spent a half hour memorizing it or memorizing a mnemonic that would lead you to it—but weeks or even months of lack of practice will have your password information out of your busy brain in no time. The password gets lost, and ergo, all access to your memory card is lost in turn… right?


There’s a simple way around the password requirement—just remove the password. Of course you’ll need to get your password back first, but there are shortcuts to retrieving your password that don’t involve scrambling your brain for the memory of where you put that piece of paper. This article discusses two methods of unlocking your memory card by doing those things. No password, no pain. If you need access to your memory card and you need it now, continue reading. Your memory card will be back under your control in under ten minutes.

Memory Card Information

Your memory card is a small metal chip inside your phone. It is capable of holding either millions or billions of various files within its tiny borders. Something so small shouldn’t be capable of creating so much trouble (shouldn’t that be a law?), but the password function has many people’s panties in a twist. No wonder—losing either millions or billions of files doesn’t exactly sound like a picnic. Memory cards often come in sizes of 16, 32, 64, and even 128 GB, which is a lot of data to lose. Besides that, you can’t even copy and paste in the card if you lose access. Short answer: if you lose access, try not to lose your mind… especially since you haven’t lost access forever. Rather, take a deep breath or five and continue to either of the below procedures to be able to get into your memory card again. They’re both quick and stress-free with a 0% risk of memory card-induced insanity.

About The Procedures

You can bypass your password on one of two platforms—your Android or your computer. The Android phone method’ best feature is that it allows you to see the current password that you set and forgot so long (or not so long) ago. So, in shorthand, the Android method allows you to:

  • Remove your password from your phone memory card
  • Retrieve your current password from your phone memory card
  • Reclaim all your previous data

The second method—the computer method—only offers the first of these criteria.

Unfortunately, you will need your current lost password to retrieve access to your memory card and still be able to keep all your data. If you care at all about the data already on your memory chip, you’ll first want to try the Android phone method. The computer will delete all of the card’s previous data, and therefore the computer method should only be used if the Android phone method somehow fails to get your card back.

Eager to regain access to your memory card? Keep reading to learn how to remove your password using the Android procedure.

Remove Memory Card Password With Your Android

This is by far the better way to go, so don’t skip this procedure, even if your computer is in front of you and your phone isn’t. Remove the password from your phone card and access it in the exact state it was before—well, sans password, of course. Keep reading and follow the instructions to remove your password and access both your memory card and the data stored on it.

  1. Insert your memory card into your Android. At this point, it is still password protected.
  2. Find Google Play, and then locate ES File Explorer. Download the program to your phone.
  3. Launch ES File Explorer and look for the system folder. Find file mmcstore.
  4. Rename mmcstore to mmcstore.txt and then open it.
  5. This will give you your current password for the phone memory card. Write it down or make a mental note.
  6. Find the Options menu in the memory card. Click Remove Password and type in the current password you just retrieved.

This unlocks your memory card while preserving all the memory that’s on it.

If this method is giving you problems, check out the next section for simple instructions on how to remove your memory card password with your computer. Again, the following method does remove all the memory stored on your memory card, so it’s better used as a last resort.

Remove Memory Card Password With Your Computer

If you’re here, it should mean that you already tried removing your memory card password with your Android phone to no avail. (If you haven’t, please return to the previous section.) The reason? Your memory card will be formatted with this procedure, meaning that it will lose all the data you placed into it. It’s a bummer, but it will get your memory card access back at the very least.

  1. Place your memory card into your phone.
  2. Grab a USB cable and connect your phone to your computer.
  3. Wait for the memory card image to appear. Right click on it to select Format. (This action does not require a password.)

This action will format your memory card and remove all your data. The password will automatically be removed, allowing you to access your memory card again. It’ll be a blank slate when you get in there, but there’s no time like the present to start anew.

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