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Top 15 URL Shorteners To Earn Money Online

top-15-URL-shortenersIt looks tempting to earn money online without having appropriate skills or technical expertise even. Well, this can be done using shorten URL services in short. It’s very simple to earn money doing this way; you just need to switch your all or some URLs such as your Facebook timeline, your links in blogs, and your webpage, on top visiting sites or Browsers, like Mozilla or Google. For this reason I am telling you today about top 15 URL shorteners that will enable you to earn some good cash online.

Whenever any visitor clicks any of your posted links, the Short URL wait for 5 seconds, then it will redirect it to the business, associated with the link. After receiving the click company is bound to pay you an agreed amount, however the quantity of links must be in accordance with the agreement. The amount is varying company to company; usually companies pay from $1 to $10 per thousand visits, along with clicks, companies also pay for referrals as well. For earning money this way, you need to refer the product/ business in your close circle, in case of successful deal; businesses usually offer you 20% commission for each sale.

In the lines below we give a list of top 15 URL shorteners to earn money online. You can utilize any one or more from them to earn guaranteed money. It’s of your interest that some individuals earn thousands of Dollars monthly by doing the tricks there.


It’s a comparatively new URL shortening business, they offer $20/ 1000 visits/clicks, the minimum withdrawing amount limit is $5. They also offer referral system and will pay 20 % commission on each referral. Their payment method is guaranteed, they will pay you the sum through PayPal or Payoneer card services. It’s doing well as a top liked company in the Shorten URL business. They also offer ads arrangement to post on your webpage or blog. You need a good routine traffic on your blog for earning a handsome amount.


This is an established name in the URL Shortening business form our top 15 URL shorteners list. They pay you on time; however, their conversion rate is quite low, they just pay $5/1000 visits, with offering minimum withdrawing limit of $5. They pay through PayPal; they mean business and take best care of their customers.


Another famous name in the business is Bc.vc; it’s a free URL shortening service. You can be paid for each link share on other sites. They pay you for each visit and click on your URL. You can earn money by placing your Short URLs on social media, WebPages, groups, and other suggested pages even. You can earn $20 from suggested referrals and $5/1000 visits/clicks on recommended links.


It’s another top legitimate and established URL shortening service with having best Google page rankings. They pay $0.5 each visit to 3 for 1000 suggested URL visits with minimum withdrawal limit of $10. They have paid to their customers $ 1.2 million US dollars up to now. Other URL shortening services pay for exclusive visit on your URL while they pay for all visits on your page. They also offer ads program for you to get benefit from it as well.


It’s yet another top URL shortening company from our Top 15 URL shorteners picks; they offer $2-5/1000 visits, with minimum withdrawal limit of $5. They also pay $10 commission for each successful referral as well. It offers a free registration facility for the customers.


It’s another emerging URL shortner service, with offering some tempting features. They offer $5 for 1000 suggested clicks, and $1.50 /1000 visits with minimum $5 withdrawal limit. They make all the payments through PayPal.


It’s yet another top URL shortner service in the game today; they offer some very enticing features for their customers. They offer two different plans for their users, if you really want to explore its top integrated features then go for the paid version otherwise you can get work there through their offered free URL shortner service as well. In their premium account you can post your own ads and particulars of products as well, this is something exceptional you can’t expect from any other URL shortner service. They give their customers quite a lucrative offer on referrals along with good visits rates as well. You can earn $5 lifetime referral commission with added $25 for all referrals who updates their premium account.


It’s a free URL shortner service and they do the same what other does in the game today. They offer you $2-5 /1000 suggested visits on whatever the online platform may be. Their minimum withdrawal limit is $10, with allowing you commissions on referrals as well. It’s a U.S based company offers very lucrative rates for their customers in U.S and UK. They offer their ads program for mutual benefit as well.


It’s an exclusive Webmaster service and all the website owners can avail it. It facilitates you to produce text that transformed the website in to money URL. They offer lots of enticing features for its users with paying your dues on daily basis.


It’s yet another top site from this list of top 15 URL shorteners. It’s a CPA based platform. They do not offer fixed quantity of visits as does other competitors. Your earning can vary from $0 to $10. They also offer referral alternatives as well and they pay $5 commission on each of their successful referral.


As usual, they also operate on similar lines what most URL shortner services likes to operate upon. They are hot favorites among online money makers for their higher rates of $10/1000 clicks. Their minimum withdrawal limit is $5; they bring some enticing features for their users as well.


They are working on CPM basis, in which you need to short your URL and share it at whatever place you wish to. They also pay a good rate to its customers with $9/1000 visits/likes and $5 minimum withdrawal limit.


They offer simplest of money earning ways to online money makers. By creating an account with them, you need to post a short URL on different WebPages and other online resources. They pay $1-3/1000 clicks/views with minimum withdrawal limit of $5. You can enlist with them for free, and then start sharing your URLs to other websites for your money meter to start working. They also offer a referral commission system for its users as well.


It’s yet another useful URL shortener service. They also offer you money for posting short URLs on different online sources. They are a well liked service among online money makers due to their higher referral commission rates compare to other competitors. Ity.im is a CPC and CPM based online service, you can use it with or without your own website. Their minimum pay out rate is $3, the lowest withdrawal rate against all its competitors.


It’s last URL shorteners service from our Top 15 URL shorteners list and they offer diverse rates from $2 to $5 for different global destinations and they have a referral program as well. They pay 20% commission on all successful referrals. Their minimum payment limit with PayPal is $2.5 and $20 with processed payments through Payoneer card.

So, these were the top 15 URL shorteners from which you can earn extra bit of cash that is always helpful for one in this age of economic chaos. We do appreciate if you can give your feedback about any of these services that you have used and share with us your suggestions as well in the comments.

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