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Using Google Maps Offline

Google Maps has become a very integral part of our daily lives to navigate and explore several areas and locations around the globe about which we do not know much. In fact, you can call it one of the most referred-to atlas of the world currently available today online. But wait! How can those people, or travelers if appropriately said, navigate their way through the help of Google maps who are offline most of the times due to no connection while traveling? Well, the simple answer is that there is a way of using Google maps offline too which I am going to describe today in this article for your convenience, so let’s read what I got for you in this section.

How you can benefit from using Google maps offline?

Since Google maps comes already installed by default in your Android smartphone, no matter what the model or make is, you can actually use Google maps without the availability of internet as well but here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the installed Google maps app and search the location you are seeking.
  • Once you found your location, you now have three different options to save it or mark it in maps terms:
  • You can type “OK Maps” in the bar
  • Speak onto Microphone and say “OK Maps (if voice command supported in your handset)
  • Now tap on the search bar and scroll to bottom. Finally tap on “Save a new offline map”
  • You will then be asked if you want to save it or not. Before saving, zoom into your entry of the location and explore all the places, buildings, and streets within so you may better know if it’s the right location you are seeking. Save it now.
  • After saving the map onto your handset you can always access it via the “hamburger” icon in the top left side of menu in Google maps. Afterwards, tap on “Places”.
  • Now go to the bottom of the new screen and see all your saved maps under the section named as “Saved Places”. You can tap on the map to view it offline easily.

Downloading of the additional maps on your Google maps would not be such a data consuming option if you are not so wary of your web provider. For instance, the whole map of New York takes up only 13 MB of download but if you feel that your data provider would cost you a lot for even such slight consumptions, you always have the chance to use a Wi-Fi service instead.

Using Google maps offline has its precincts

Although, you can enjoy all the basic things without a trouble, but using Google maps offline does have its limitations too. First of all, your location that is saved offline would only be able to show a limited area and surroundings since a one file cannot cache enough data that can comprehend almost everything adjacent to your location. Though, most of t depends upon the location as well but usually a larger view requires a lot amount of data extraction as well.

Additionally, you are devoid of doing any type of searches in the offline maps and little to no navigation would be your prize too going offline. The areas will be broken into bits and appear in smaller separate entry’s. Also, the maps that you have downloaded for whatever location will be valid only for thirty day offline and after that time span the maps will automatically be deleted. So, these were some of the cons you may face while using Google maps offline but consider yourself in an emergency situation where no help would be available for long and you are the lone survivor to get out of an eerie place, it is on that point using Google maps offline could be your ultimate help.

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