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4 Free Virtualization Software Solutions For Windows

A virtualisation software is the one which allows a user to install and run another operating system, on a host one. The main operating system of the PC, is labeled as Host OS, while the secondary OS, is referred to the Guest OS.

Since, you’re planning to install OS X, on Windows system, or Linux on Windows, or any other possible combination, then go ahead and check the free virtualisation software solutions I’m offering right here for the Windows platform.

So, the need is very clear and I can assure that you’re definitely going to love this method of using the two different operating system on a single hardware, and, thus, saving the money, which you could have invested in buying a separate system.

Free Virtualisation Software Solutions for Windows

I’ll share a compilation of four softwares which are available for free, and you don’t need to worry about paying for anything at all. Just make sure that you’re getting the installer packages of those software from their official website only. Because, getting the files from unknown sources, can lead your system into trouble.

#1 VirtualBox

This is the first, best, and super awesome software which is available under the Open Source licences and is developed by the Oracle. The software is offered a lower level of support as well, which can definitely help you in getting the setup and everything else perfectly.


The user interface is simple, and everything works smoothly, once it gets a system with at least 4GB RAM, and HD standard of graphic driver. It supports almost every popular PC platform, i.e., Windows, OS X (Mac), and Linux ones as well. In short, it didn’t miss any of the known ones, and thus, can be used by anyone.

It also comes with a bunch of additional add-ons which can be used to increase the functionality of the software completely. While running a Guest OS, the software also allows users to control everything using the default keyboard and mouse.

You’re allowed to put a lock on the keyboard and mouse for either Guest, or Host OS. You are even allowed to add USB support, Printer support, using the add-ones which I mentioned previously.

#2 Microsoft Virtual PC

This is the official software released by the Microsoft itself and you can get it for free from its official webpage. Once downloaded, installing the same is pretty simple and straight and once you’re done with that, you’re free to move ahead and install any other Windows OS, as the Guest OS.

The software works at a pretty comfort level, with smooth animations, but it works only with the Windows OS versions. Yes, it doesn’t support Linux or Mac OS X, at all. So, if you’re looking to try another version of Windows, on an existing one, then this is the software for you.

For example, it supports Vista, Server 2003, XP, and XP Tablet PC versions. Mostly it covers the Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate versions of all of these operating systems. It does support the new 64-bit architecture, which makes the graphics look way better.

There can be many situations in which you wish to either test your new software or application for the other OS version, or you’re looking to try the newer or older one. All this is possible due to this official software, and I hope you liked it.

#3 VMLite Workstation

This is a different version of VirtualBox itself, but it uses the Open Source licence thing, to offer a unique experience than the original one. It supports both 32, and 64-bit architectures and can be used to run Windows 7 or Windows XP as well.

In a very short interval of time, you’ll get addicted with everything being offered inside and I can assure that you’re going to share this thing with all your friends online.

#4 VMWare Server


This is the last software which is meant to run Server systems clearly. It comes supporting both 32, and 64-bit architecture of the systems and also supports USB devices, bridged, NAT, and other host only network interfaces. The File Menu option is there to help you in setting up things completely and quickly. It also supports Mouse and Keyboard.

Wrap up

I guess, you found this compilation of free virtualisation software solutions for Windows helpful and also going to help other friends online, i.e., sharing this with your social profiles.

If you need help on any related subject, then join the discussion below and I’ll come up with a working solution ASAP. Cheers!

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