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Voice calling on Whatsapp to roll out onto Blackberry phone

Whatsapp is the name of the most popular mobile messaging app across the globe. One can also utilize Whatsapp for sending audio, video, images, and lots of other files freely. The company had recently announced another feature which is voice calling service for the users of Android phones, iOS (iPhone), and finally adding to the list the Blackberry users. Windows platform is yet to receive voice calling in Whatsapp.

Blackberry users have gladly welcomed this feature with a broad smile on their faces. Voice calling in Whatsapp for the Blackberry users is accompanied in the updated version of Whatsapp. Before the rolling out of this update Blackberry users can only use voice calling in Whatsapp in the beta version. But as this new update of Whatsapp version has been released for the Black Berrien’s, there was also an addition of a couple of novel features as well.

Along with the upgradation of other things Blackberry users will also see an improved navigation in their Whatsapp. Users can easily enjoy voice calling in Whatsapp with their overseas contacts. Additionally, a lot of personal customization can also be done such as setting up a particular ringtone for specific types of incoming call as well as organization of contents like audio/video in monthly or yearly archives. There will be bug fixes as well with this update and users can simply enjoy the best Whatsapp experience they wish for. Surely, voice calling in Whatsapp update will prove a very beneficial ones for the Blackberry users.

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